Will Lean Abuse Cause the Demise Of Lil Wayne?

Like other young stars, it appears that drug abuse, in Lil Wayne's case an obvious lean abuse problem, may be the cause of his demise.

What is the 360 Degree Deal? A/K/A the Slave Deal

What is the 360 Degree Slave Deal? One recent development that is becoming increasingly common is the enforcement of a label contract called the 360 Degree Deal, also known as a “multiple rights deal” or “multiple services deal.” Some have ...

Things Get HEATED Between Corey Holcomb & Stephen A Smith!!

Things Get HEATED Between Corey Holcomb & Stephen A Smith!! Corey Holcomb has some choice words regarding Stephen A. Smith and how Stephen A. views black people on his well recognized platform. Listen to both sides and be the judge ...

The RAW Truth Behind LEAN Addiction In HIP HOP!!

Lil' Wayne speaks to the factors that led to his Lean addiction and to what could potentially take his life the fatal drank called Lean or Purple Drank.

Why Cardi B Is The Biggest THREAT To Nicki Minaj ...

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Live With Sam Anthony Subscribe To His Channel In Description ...

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Lebron James, Micheal Jordan, Even Kobe Bryant SOLD OUT Lavar ...

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The Truth Behind Jay-Z 4:44 Album & Its Esoteric Meaning!!!

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Could Prodigy’s Death Been Prevented | Is There A Conspiracy ...

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Was there more to Prodigy’s Death than Sickle Cell?!??

Prodigy’s Death. Sickle Cell or Something Else? Was Mobb Deep M.C. Prodigy’s death a little more than complications from Sickle Cell? This video may give a bit of insight… You be the judge. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO & DON’T FORGET ...