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Bardi Beauty Cardi B’s Latest Business Venture!?!

Bardi Beauty may be the latest venture by Cardi B. Just this Thursday, it was revealed that the rapper filed legal papers to secure the name. Bardi Beauty May Be Sitting On Your Dresser Soon Look who’s jumping into the ...

Luther Vandross Honored By Google Video Doodle!!!

Luther Vandross, the R&B singer, had all the ladies swooning to his deep, soulful voice. Now, he is honored with a Google video doodle. Vandross didn’t just sing though, he was also a songwriter and record producer. He would have ...

Bimmy Talks About DMX’s Death!!!

Bimmy Talks About DMX’s Death. This hip hop pioneer sat down with hosts O’God and SamAnt. What Bimmy revealed was mind blowing. Bimmy’s discussion was riveting Bimmy talks about DMX’s Death. In the last few weeks we have lost hip ...

Dwayne Wade Buys Stake In Utah Jazz!!!

Dwayne Wade Buys Stake In Utah Jazz. The three time NBA champion made a power move. The friendship between Smith N Wade is now a partnership. What will Dwayne bring to Utah Jazz organization? Dwayne Wade buys stake in Utah ...

Diddy Reacts To Black Rob’s Death!!!

 Diddy Reacts To Black Rob’s Death. Unfortunately, the former Bad Boy artist has died. And, before his Black Rob’s death Diddy reached out. What happened with Diddy & Black Rob? Diddy reacts to Black Rob’s death. According to BET ,Diddy ...

Black Rob Dead At 51!!!

 Black Rob Dead At 51. Black Rob paid tribute to DMX while in a hospital bed. Only those close to Black Rob knew he was sick. Black Rob was former Bad Boy Artist Black Rob dead at 51. Like most ...

Kobe Bryant To Be Inducted By Michael Jordan!!!

Kobe Bryant to be Inducted into the 2020 Naismith Hall of Fame. And who better to do the honors than the one and only Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan Grew To Be Friends On and Off The Court ...

AR-Ab Gets 45 Years In Prison!!!

 AR-Ab Gets 45 Years In Prison. The Philly rapper may spend decades away from his family. Can AR-Ab get his sentence reduce on appeal? Ar-Ab gets 45 years in prison. We have been following the rappers case very closely. And, ...

YFN Lucci Violated His Bond!!!

YFN Lucci Violated His Bond. What would make the troubled rapper go to a strip club. Especially, since it could send him back to jail. Jail time is inevitable for FYN Lucci YFN Lucci violated his bond. While the state ...

Swizz Beatz Heartfelt Message To DMX!!!

Swizz Beatz Heartfelt Message To DMX. We lost one of the greatest rappers of all time. Although, some would not agree. Swizz Beatz reflects on DMX life Swizz Beatz heartfelt message to DMX. So, a lot of the hip hop ...