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Olympian Simone Biles Blasts Haters!!!

In her most recent efforts, Olympian Simone Biles blasts haters. The most decorated gymnast in the world claps back. Why is Simone Wearing G.O.A.T. on Her Leotard? By now people should get the message that Simone is the “Greatest Of ...

Cardi B Is Acting In Fast & Furious 9!!!

Are you looking forward to watching Cardi on the big screen? The mega movie franchise “Fast & Furious” has nine installments. And, it will be in theaters soon. Cardi is excited about her new acting role The rapper/actress is starring ...

Kevin Hart Blasts His Critics!!!

Kevin Hart Blasts His Critics. There has always been a question about Kevin not being funny. And, some would agree he is not the funniest comedian. Why is Kevin’s comedy in question? You can tell that Kevin is a Philadelphian. ...

Big Meech Gets Good News!!!

Big Meech Gets Good News. Finally, Big Meech was granted a sentence reduction. Big Meech was granted early release This new development gives Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory a second chance at freedom. The former gang member and alleged head of ...

Jay-Z Sues Photographer Who Shot His Debut Album Cover!!!

Jay-Z is fighting mad, and taking his case to court. The “99 Problems” rapper sues the photographer that shot his debut album cover for “Reasonable Doubt“. Jay-Z Sues Jonathan Mannion For Using His Name And Likeness Without His Consent Back ...

Polo G Was Arrested!!!

Polo G Was Arrested. The young rapper had just left a release party when he was pulled over by police. Things got a little scary afterwards. Did police unfairly target Polo G? During an incident involving police in Miami Polo ...

Kevin Durant Bodyguard Banned!!!

Kevin Durant Bodyguard Banned. We are in the middle of the NBA playoffs. And, tempers are flaring. Kevin’s bodyguard pushed P.J. Tucker In game 3 of the playoffs Antjuan Lambert stops an argument between Kevin and P.J. However, Antjuan who ...

T.I. Is Quitting Music!!!

T.I. Is Quitting Music. Is this possible? Does T.I. really think his fans will accept his retirement? Or will fans be okay with it? What do you all think? Can this be true? Is this the last music project for ...

Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather Robbed!!!

This just in, boxing champ Floyd Mayweather was robbed. The mansion Floyd just purchased recently was targeted. Was this Robbery an Inside Job? In the recent Floyd Mayweather robbery, sources are reporting that a lot was taken from Floyd’s home. ...

Shock G’s Autopsy Report Revealed!!!

Shock G’s Autopsy Report Revealed. The final word on the rapper’s mysterious death are out. The Disturbing Cause Of Shock G’s death Shock G’s autopsy report revealed. It has been almost two months since the legendary rapper was found dead. ...