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Kodak Alleges Mistreatment Behind Bars!!!!

Kodak Alleges Mistreatment Behind Bars. Unfortunately, Kodak is having significant issues while in prison. Is Kodak crying wolf? Kodak alleges mistreatment behind bars. It was earlier this year Kodak claimed he was beat by prison guards. Kodak is telling sources ...

Boosie Calls Out Kanye For Dissing Drake!!!

Boosie Calls Out Kanye For Dissing Drake. In Kanye’s latest rants on social media he mentions Drake. Why is there always a problem with Kanye and Drake. Kanye wants to help rapper like Drake Boosie calls out Kanye for dissing ...

Bobby Shmurda Will Remain Behind Bars!!!

Bobby Shmurda Will Remain Behind Bars. It looks like Bobby trouble continues. The embattled rapper is being taught a lesson. Bobby new release date is November 2021 Bobby Shmurda will remain behind bars. Unfortunately, Bobby parole hearing last week did ...

Jason Weaver Talks About Cardi B!!!

Jason Weaver Talks About Cardi B. During his interview with Hip Hop Uncensored Jason had a lot to say. This young actor has been a staple in acting for a long time. Jason gave props to Cardi B Jason Weaver ...

Kanye Reveals More Insights About Jay Z!!!!!

Kanye Reveals More Insights About Jay Z. There is no secret that these two rap moguls have issues. However, it sounds like Kanye wants peace. What is Kanye really saying about Jay Z? Kanye reveals more insights about Jay Z. ...

Suspects Arrested In Floyd’s Protege Death!!!

Suspects Arrested In Floyd’s Protege Death. The young boxer had a very promising career.  Such a tragedy for both Floyd and Danny’s family. The death of Danny Gonzalez is still unclear Suspects arrested in Floyd’s protege death. Danny could have ...

Breonna’s Family Wins $12M Settlement!!!

Breonna’s Family Wins $12M Settlement. This i the largest pay out for an African American woman. This is the largest pay out for Louisville police. Will Breonna finally get justice? Breonna’s family wins $12M settlement. We can finally the city ...

Cardi B Is Done With Offset, Files For Divorce!!!

Cardi B is done with Offset, files for divorce. Caught cheating yet again was a bit too much for the WAP rapper, calls it quits. Cardi B And Offset Are Over, And She Wants Custody Of 2-Year Old Daughter, Kulture ...

Interview With Policeman Jaquay Williams!!!

Interview with Policeman Jaquay Williams. There is something very fishy about what happened to Jaquay firing. Jaquay live post goes viral Interview with policeman Jaquay Williams. The fired policeman could not have predicted his fate. It was after Jaquay went ...

Tory Lanez Apologized To Megan!!!

Tory Lanez Apologized Megan. Did Tory admit he shot Megan or not? Will Tory face deportation ir he is charged? Will Megan accept Tory’s apology? Tory Lanez apologized to Megan. The Canadian rapper texted Megan. In the text message Tory ...