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Cedric the Entertainer Defends Bill Cosby!!!

Cedric The Entertainer Defends Bill Cosby. The actor admits that Bill deserves respect for his work. Cedric’s Controversial Comment On Bill Cosby Cedric The Entertainer defends Bill Cosby. Of course, there are mixed reviews about actor/comedian Bill Cosby’s incarceration. However, ...

Sistah Souljah Message To Cardi B!!!

Sistah Souljah Message To Cardi B. The interview with Sister Souljah is one for the books. Clearly, Sistah Souljah spoke truth. Sistah Souljah educates female rappers Sistah Souljah message to Cardi B.  In this powerful thought provoking interview she speaks ...

Big Sean Contemplated Suicide!!!

Big Sean Contemplated Suicide. In a interview with Michael Eric Dyson Sean spoke very candidly. What Sean did took courage, to say the least. Big Sean goes public with his struggle Big Sean contemplated suicide. While some of us have ...

Wack 100 Wages War On T.I.!!!!

Wack 100 Wages War On T.I. What is really going on? Did T.I. and Tiny commit these sexual crimes? And, was Wack’s daughter a victim? Is Wack 100 accusations true? Wack 100 wages war on T.I. All of the news ...

Multiple Women Accuse T.I. And Tiny Of Sexual Assault!!!

T.I. and Tiny are subjects of a criminal investigation for sexual assault. Allegations are made by eleven people in multiple states. T.I. and Tiny Investigated By Authorities Superstar rapper Clifford Harris, Jr., known as T.I., and his wife Tameka (Tiny ...

Expert Alex Alonso Discuss Rat Culture!!!!

Expert Alex Alonso Discuss Rat Culture. The notion that some rappers break street code is real. Did Snoop or T.I. become informants? Is cooperating with the Feds acceptable? Expert Alex Alonso Discuss Rat Culture. One of the most popular cases ...

Casanova Upset About No Visitation!!!!

Casanova Upset About No Visitation. It is no secret that being in jail is hard. But now Casanova is feeling the weight of his incarceration. Casanova not handling jail well Casanova upset about no visitation. The imprisoned rapper put out ...

Overnight Jay Made $300 Million!!!

Overnight Jay Made $300 Million. Once again Jay strikes gold. The wine and spirits business has proven to be very lucrative for Jay. Jay Z sells luxury champagne brand Overnight Jay Made $300 Million. The partnership between Jay and LVMH ...

Dame Talks About 360 Slave Deal!!!

Dame Talks about 360 Slave Deal. The music industry is not like it once was. Business/music mogul Dame speaks on the importance of being your own boss. Dame suggests young rappers boss up Dame talks about 360 Slave Deal. We ...

LaKeith Stanfield Disturbing Video!!!

LaKeith Stanfield Disturbing Video. Is LaKeith unraveling before our eyes? Or is the beef between Charlamagne and LaKeith escalating? Actor LaKeith Points Gun at Pictures LaKeith Stanfield disturbing video. I just posted a story about LaKeith and Charlamagne a few ...