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Clinton Portis Facing 20 Years Behind Bars!!!

Clinton Portis facing 20 years behind bars. Along with more than 10 other ex-football stars, Portis is accused of defrauding the National Football League. Clinton Portis Accused of Defrauding the NFL Accused of stealing money from the league’s healthcare program, ...

Is Future Guilty Of Influencing The Lean Culture?????

Is Future Guilty Of Influencing The Lean Culture? With the sudden death of Chicago rapper Juice World from drug abuse some question have arisen. Can we blame rappers who glorify the use of marijuana, lean and other illegal drugs? Does ...

Time Names Lizzo Entertainer Of The Year!!!!

Time Names Lizzo Entertainer Of The Year. Lizzo has been in the news all year long. Lizzo has made quite a name for herself. The R&B singer’s hit song “Truth Hurts” has become a popular song with the ladies. Lizzo ...

Bill Cosby Loses His Appeal !!!

Bill Cosby Loses His Appeal. A panel of three appellate judges rejected Bill’s appeal. In other words. his sexual assault conviction will remain. Bill may have to serve his entire 10 year sentence Bill Cosby Loses His Appeal. Did the ...

Kimora Lee’s Daughters Relaunch Baby Phat!!!

Kimora Lee’s Daughters Relaunch Baby Phat. This is great news for those who love High end fashions. Throughout the years other designer clothing lines took over the market. But it looks like Baby Phat is on the rise again. Baby ...

Did Future Influence Juice World’s Use Of Lean????

Did Future Influence Juice World’s Use of Lean? In a daunting interview with Adam 22 Juice admits he had a drug issue. Could this be the reason why Juice suffered a seizure and went into cardiac arrest. Is it correct ...

Rapper Juice WRLD Dead at 21!!!!

Rapper Juice WRLD of Chicago has died. Witnesses say the young rapper had just landed at Midway Airport after a flight from California. Juice WRLD Suffers Seizure While At Chicago’s Midway Airport Jarad Anthony Higgins, the up and coming rapper ...

New Developments With R Kelly N Aaliyah!!!

New Developments With R Kelly N Aaliyah. Embattled singer Robert Kelly aka R Kelly may be facing a new set of charges. Apparently, R Kelly married the late R&B singer Aaliyah illegally. Marriage license of Aaliyah and R Kelly forged ...

Tekashi’s Prosecutors Ask For Leniency!!!

Tekashi’s Prosecutors Ask For Leniency. Tekashi decided to become a witness for the government. The embattled rapper snitched on the Nine Trey Gangsta. Will Tekashi be home soon? The U.S attorney in the Southern District of New York is asking ...

Jay Z Music Playing On Spotify!!!

Jay Z Music Playing On Spotify. Sean Carter aka Jay Z celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday by re releasing his entire music catalog on the music streaming service. Spotify welcomes Jay Z’s music back It was two years ago that ...