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YG Brings Stormie Daniels On Stage!!!

YG Brings Stormie Daniels On Stage. The Compton rapper,YG did something really unsuspected during his concert. YG invited the adult film star to appear with him. And, this was really controversial. I don’t think anyone expected YG to do something ...

Miami Heat Suspends Dion Waiters!!!

Miami Heat Suspends Dion Waiters. Allegedly, Dion had an adverse reaction to edible THC. And, Dion will have to sit on the bench for at least 10 games. The young 27 year old shooting guard has been in a lot ...

ASAP Rocky Heading Back To Sweden?!!

ASAP Rocky heading back to Sweden. Yeah, the same place where earlier this year he was detained and arrested for assault. After being found guilty in August, he eventually got a two-year suspended sentence. ASAP Rocky To Headline In Stockholm ...

Trial Of Philly Rapper AR-AB Has Started!!!!

Trial of Philly Rapper AR-AB Has Started. The Feds arrested Abdul Ibrahim aka AR-AB West this year for Racketeering. Allegedly, Ar-AB and some of his OBH crew members are facing multiple counts of drug trafficking. Social Media aided in AR-AB ...

Top 5 Biggest Rap Feuds!!!

Top 5 Biggest Rap Feuds. There are some in hip hip who love drama. And, there are some who find themselves in a beef with rival rappers. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to avoid beefing with fellow rappers ...

Drake Is Joining The Marijuana Business!!!

Drake Is Joining The Marijuana Business. The Canadian rapper will have all sorts of marijuana products to sell. Drake has been very successful in the music business as a rapper. It appears that Drake wants to try other venues to ...

Master P Partners With Walmart Selling Snacks!!!

Master P Partners With Walmart Selling Snacks. Percy Miller aka Master P is quite the businessman. In his latest business venture Master P will offer “Rap Snacks”chips at over 4200 Walmart Stores. This will be the first time that an ...

21 Savage Finding It Hard To Make Money!!!

21 Savage is in the United States illegally. Arrested by ICE earlier this year, he is finding it hard to make a living these days. 21 Savage Still Faces Deportation By ICE Back in February, 21 Savage was arrested by ...

Kim K West Trying To Prevent Rodney Reed Execution!!!

Kim K West Trying To Prevent Rodney Reed Execution. Kim has taken a really bold stand to help this death row inmate. And, this is not the first time Kim has used her voice to assist in getting people out ...

Jason Mitchell Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations!!!

Jason Mitchell Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations. Jason appeared on an episode of The Breakfast Club. During the interview Jason claims he is innocent. Jason wants a chance to tell his story Unfortunately, Jason lost his acting job on the hit ...