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Martin Co-Star Garrett Morris Interview!!!

Martin Co-Star Garrett Morris Interview. The interview with Garret was very revealing. What really happened with Martin and Garrett? Martin co-star Garrett Morris interview. I always wondered what happened to Garrett. The ending of the Martin Show was really weird. ...

Cardi B Falsely Accused of Stealing Lyrics!!!

Cardi B Falsely Accused of Stealing Lyrics. What is going on with lyric stealing these days? Is it possible that Cardi stole someone’s lyrics. Cardi has receipts proving she is no lyric thieve Cardi B falsely accused of stealing lyrics. ...

Interview With Papoose Was Insightful!!!!

Interview With Papoose Was Insightful. The hosts of Hip Hop Uncensored interviewed song writer and rapper Shamele Mackie aka Papoose. Papoose signs with RocNation Interview with Papoose was insightful. Just a few days ago Papoose went live with O’God and ...

Cam Newton Will Get $7.5M From Patriots!!!

Cam Newton Will Get $7.5M From Patriots. Football Quarter Back Cam Newton is a free agent. Cam has signed a one – year deal with the New England Patriots. Is Cam going to stay after this season? Cam Newton will ...

Gucci Mane Tweets Caused Backlash!!!

Gucci Mane Tweets Caused Backlash. On social media Wednesday night Gucci hinted at a possible clothing venture with luxury brand Gucci.  Gucci Mane fans upset about the news Gucci Mane Tweets caused backlash. It appears that Gucci drop a few ...

Teyana Taylor #1 on Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Albums Chart!!!

Teyana Taylor is #1 for “The Album” on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Debuting at #1 is the second time Taylor has done so. Teyana Taylor Having A Great Day! “The Album” was the second time Teyana debuted #1 on ...

Chrystul Kizer Out On Bail!!!!!

Chrystul Kizer Out On Bail!!!!! Former child human trafficking victim, Chrystul Kizer is out on bail. She was in jail for killing her alleged sex trafficker, Randy Volar. If convicted, she faces life in prison. Who Is Chrystul Kizer????? According ...

Will Bill Cosby Get Out Soon???

Will Bill Cosby Get Out Soon? The former TV Icon might be coming home to his family. This might not be the best news for his accusers. Bill Cosby was granted an appeal Will Bill get out soon? Bill Cosby ...

Judge Denies Kodak Black’s Appeal!!!

Judge Denies Kodak Black’s Appeal. The news of rapper Kodak not getting out any time soon is not surprising. This judges decision must be very upsetting for  Kodak. The Miami rapper will remain in prison Judge denies Kodak Black’s appeal. ...

Ken Griffey Jr. Documentary Released!!!

Ken Griffey Jr. Documentary Released. Ken gave his fans a great Father’s Day gift by airing his documentary on Sunday. If you are baseball fan check it out. 90 minute documentary highlights Ken’s career Ken Griffey Jr. documentary released. The ...