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PA Gov. Wolf Pardons Rapper Meek Mill

PA Gov. Wolf Pardons Rapper Meek Mill

PA Gov. Wolf Pardons Rapper Meek Mill. Rihmeek Williams was convicted of charges in 2008. The charges led to a ongoing battle.

Mill Vows To Do More Criminal Justice Reform

PA Gov. Pardons Rapper Meek Mill. The out going governor Tom Wolf made Meek’s dream a reality.

And, Gov. Wolf has done the same for over 2540 people. Governor Wolf has pardon more people than anyone.

In fact, in the last week he pardoned 369 people. According to Philly Voice, no other Governor had done this in 340 years.

That is quite a record. Meek’s pardon went viral on social media. It has been a long road for the Philly rapper.

Above all, Meek’s rap career was almost derailed. On the other hand, Meek’s trouble with the law was constant.

However, Meek received a break in his 2008 case. A judge overturned Meek’s conviction.

Primarily, because the arresting officer Reginald Graham. Graham’s credibility came under fire.

His name was found on a secret list of police officers considered untrustworthy. As a result, the now retired officer cases were examined.

Upon findings of alleged misconduct Meek’s conviction was overturned.


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Judge Genece Brinkley Accused of “Unusually Harsh” Treatment of Meek

But before it took place Meek was sentenced to two years in a county prison.

After six months Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley overturned his conviction. Needless to say, that was not the end of Meek’s trouble.

Brinkley seemed to take a personal interest in Meek. Several times Meek was cited for probation violations by Brinkley.

For nearly 10-years Meek stayed on probation. Some of his infractions against the law included , failed drug tests.

Ultimately, his infractions led to being sentenced 2-4 years in prison. Things appeared hopeless for Meek.

Finally, a break in his trouble occurred.  Fans and social media came to Meek’s rescue. Supporters for the rapper rallied for his release.

In fact, Meek supporters rallied outside of Philadelphia’s Criminal Justice Center. Some of the supports for Meek had signs with “Free Meek.”

Also, music mogul Shawn” Jay-Z” Carter gave his support. Carter was not the only person rallying for Meek.

Philadelphia team owner Michael Rubin stood with Carter. Shortly, after Meek was released.

While Meek was enjoying his freedom, Brinkley was not. Her trouble had just begun.

Trouble Continues For Judge Brinkley

In December 2022, Brinkley’s cases came into question. That is, she has been transferred to Civil Court. All of her cases are being reviewed.

In addition, Brinkley could be facing criminal charges. Judicial leadership is in a battle to prove her guilt.

Having said this, her caseloads and imposing illegal sentences are under question. We don’t know what her outcome will be.

Fortunately, Meek has benefited from these findings.

Meek Continues To Advocate For Inmates & Parolees

After receiving his pardon Meek Meek said, “I got pardoned today…I’m taking things really far from being a trench baby!”

Of course, Governor Tom Wolf shared this,

“I have taken this process very seriously — reviewing and giving careful thought to each and every one of these 2,540 pardons and the lives they will impact,” Wolf said. “Every single one of the Pennsylvanians who made it through the process truly deserves their second chance, and it’s been my honor to grant it. A record prevents positive forward motion in a person’s life, and can spark a repetitive cycle of defeat. I firmly believe that with restored rights, pardoned Pennsylvanians prove themselves by stepping up and giving back to our communities.”

It has been a long and arduous road for Meek. Thankfully, he has made it through. More importantly, Meek is paying it forward.

Now, parolees have an advocate in Meek. Every since, The Criminal Justice Reform Initiative has helped many.

During the pandemic Meek and Jay-Z gave protective masks to inmates. As a result, Meek’s pardon from PA Gov, Wolf clears his record.

Finally, Meek can have his criminal record expunged.

meek receives pardon

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