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The Prince of Pan-Africanism: Dr. Umar Johnson

The Prince of Pan-Africanism: Dr. Umar Johnson

The prince of pan-Africanism is a controversial figure namely in terms of how people see his money management as it relates to the institutions he’s been building for the better part of a decade. but the school psychologist who has quickly become one of the internet’s favorite people to meme maintains a message that is relevant regardless of how you feel about the messenger.

Dr. Umar: A Social Justice Warrior?

He is a social justice warrior working in the way of interrupting the school to prison pipeline for black boys, truly there is honor in that. Dr. Umar holds seminars for black parents, teaching them what they need to know to protect their children. IEPs, Autism awareness, How to write letters “to whom they may concern”, how to review psychological evaluations, and more that parents need to know to effectively advocate for their black children during parent-teacher meetings. The Coronavirus has interrupted this for him but he maintains a social media presence.

Dr. Umar: FDMG Academy

The man of 6 degrees and founder of FDMG Academy proudly owns two buildings that sit across the street from one another, the Marcus Garvey building and the Frederick Douglas building, hence the acronym FDMG for the names of these noble suffrage figures of black history. The Marcus Garvey Building is the elementary school and the Frederick Douglas building is the high school. These two buildings that allegedly received a 13 million dollar renovation in 2010 still need work as reported by Dr. Umar Johnson during the Islamic month of Ramadan while visiting the breakfast club in April of 2021. The high school has three weeks of repairs that need to be done which are: HVAC, Electrical, and plumbing. These are the maintenance that Dr. Umar admittedly cannot afford. The modern, and former charter school campus needs zero construction, only repair according to Dr. Johnson.

Dr. Umar On The Black Community

Although there are several historically black churches, colleges, and universities Dr. Umar believes that his failure to galvanize sufficient financial support for his all-boy schools lie in the fact that blacks are so used to being parented by white institutions that building this would be their total responsibility is both frightening and foreign to blacks as a result of the buck breaking conditioning of American Chattel slavery.

Dr. Umar: Advocating for Black Boys

The Coronavirus gave black parents the opportunity to teach their own children from home, showing them that this is something they can do with minimal coaching. Black parents via this experience have come to the realization that their children have been targeted as victims for “get rich quick” schemes by public school institutions.

Schools are paid much more when a child is siphoned into special education classes – so when black parents are asked permission for their child to be evaluated by school psychologists, these children are more often than not, thrown into special education not because they need to be, but because it is financially beneficial for public schools to have them there. This is one of the predatory practices against black boys Dr. Umar teaches parents to avoid.

Dr. Umar: The Exploitation fo Black Children in Public Schools

Drug companies have infiltrated public school culture with their financial sponsorship and support. To the point where teachers think they can diagnose ADHD even as non-mental health professionals. In reality, no one uncertified in this regard should be comfortable tossing around recommendations for medications like Adderall and other narcotics that have long-term effects.

Black children are being diagnosed with emotional disturbances and behavioral issues for not getting along with teachers, staff, and faculty who demonstrate bigotry, racism, and other aversions to them as black children.

Instead of remedying this as a problem, they diagnose the children with fictional behavior problems. Mental and behavioral issues are determined by a pattern of behavior. If a child has a pattern of behaviors wherein their interpersonal relationships routinely suffer across the board with peers and adults, a diagnosis is fair.

Black Children in Special Education

However, as is the case with black boys in specific, it only takes one failed relationship with a white teacher who is often female before they are brought up on mental health charges of emotional disturbance and or learning disabilities requiring Ritalin and other medications that are dangerous for adults let alone school children.

In better news, HBCUs (an acronym for Historically Black Colleges and Universities) are responsible for 50 percent of all black professionals. HBCUs routinely supply the black middle class with middle-class professionals.

It is the belief of Dr. Umar Johnson that black men should become certified in vocational occupations such as roofing, carpentry, plumbing, and welding prior to consuming college degrees.


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