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Wendy Williams: Dementia

Wendy Williams: Dementia

The staff at the Wendy Williams show have come out confirming that the rumors being heard about Wendy Williams, are true. Indeed, these stories are coming from the staff themselves when it comes to Wendy Williams losing her battle with dementia.

The Wendy We Knew No Longer Exists

According to sources that have spoken to her son, the cheeky Wendy we came to know and love as fans of the show is, unfortunately, no more. She is struggling to recognize people she has previously worked closely with. A most unfortunate symptom of dementia.

Wendy Williams would wink, smile grandly, tell witty jokes, and flex a sharp-tongued response on a whim. That Wendy is no more. Sources close to Wendy say it is as if another person has taken up residence in her body.

Wendy Williams: A Rapid Decline

Wendy’s show will continue without her. The remaining staff mumble among themselves and there are grumblings about being loyal to Wendy. In reality, loyal or not Wendy is not coming back from this. This is the beginning of the end.

People who struggle with dementia forget themselves. They forget who they are, how to eat, how they like to sleep, their friends and family members, and how to do things they’ve done routinely.

Wendy Williams is Failing to Recognize Family and Friends

We know Wendy struggled for a long time with drugs in powder form and has a drinking problem. All of which contribute to the decline of brain functioning. However, PTSD and losing her husband have a psychological effect as well and may have sped up the process of losing her literal mind whereas just a few years ago she was in control of herself.

Cheating ex-husband Kelvin has moved on with his life and was perhaps making arrangements to do so based upon Wendy’s trajectory. His long-term mistress turned fiancee has been wearing a rather large and expensive ring from him for years. Perhaps he saw the forest from the trees, realizing that Wendy only had so much time left to the Wendy that adoring fans came to know and love.

Is Wendy Reaping The Consequences of Her Actions?

Some are callously saying this is Wendy’s karma for all the celebrity secrets she exposed. For harsh words about the dead and for humiliating the living. It is a rare thing to recover from dementia but some have done it on strict regimens that it seems no one in her inner circle has the time to familiarize themselves with as of yet. Here’s hoping she makes a comeback.

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