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Is J Cole’s Roll In BAL Disrespectful?!?!

Is J Cole’s Roll In BAL Disrespectful? One of the leading scorer’s in the Basketball  Africa League is upset. Terrell Stoglin speaks out about it. Is J Cole switching professions? Is J Cole’s roll in BAL disrespectful? The BAL is ...

Did Kevin Crush Charlamagne HBO Deal?!?!

Did Kevin Crush Charlamagne HBO Deal? Well, Kevin appears to have some sort of vendetta against Charlamagne. At least it appears Kevin does. Did Kevin really stop Charlemagne’s money? Did Kevin crush Charlamagne HBO deal? This alleged audio of Kevin ...

Russell Simmons Suing Kimora!!!

Russell Simmons Suing Kimora. The legacy of Russell and Kimora’s business dynasty could be at stake. Who owes who What? Russell Simmons suing Kimora. This is really unfortunate news. After their divorce it seemed like Russell and Kimora were doing ...

Wendy Williams Ex Blasts Charlamagne!!!!

Wendy Williams Ex Blasts Charlamagne. As always, Charlamagne is in hot water with someone. This time it is Kevin Hunter. Charlamagne comments get him in trouble Wendy Williams Ex blasts Charlamagne. Here we go again. Just when you think the ...

Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla Found Dead In Burning Car!!!

Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla has been found dead inside a burning car under suspicious circumstances. His death has been ruled a homicide. Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla Died Under Suspicious Circumstances, Ruled A Homicide Midwestern rapper Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla, born Lamonn C. Young ...

Gonzoe Gets In Ring With Boskoe 100!!!

Gonzoe Gets In Ring With Boskoe 100. If it were not for Snoop Dogg the fight would not have taken place. Is Snoop starting a celebrity fighting ring? Gonzoe gets in ring with Boskoe 100. In the world of hip ...

Comedian Paul Mooney Dead At 79!!!

Comedian Paul Mooney Dead At 79. The world of comedy has lost another great comedian. Paul Mooney was God Father of Comedy Comedian Paul Mooney dead at 79. Paul early career was not in comedy. But Paul was one of ...

Investigation In LA On T.I. & Tiny!!!

Investigation In LA On T.I. & Tiny. Just when we thought it was over. We find out that T.I. and Tiny are facing more sexual assault charges. Will these new charges end T.I. & Tiny’s careers? Investigation in LA on ...

Kevin Hart Blasts Joe Budden!!!

Kevin Hart Blasts Joe Budden. The famous comedian/actor did not hold back on Joe. Does Joe have poor leadership skills? Kevin Hart blasts Joe Budden. Isn’t it interesting that Joe is in the hot seat. Especially, since he is notorious ...

Fan Upset With J Cole!!!

Fans Upset Want J Cole. The music artist is trending on social media. Fans emoji’s really told the story of their discuss. What did J Cole say? Fans upset with J Cole. In a freestyle J Cole mentioned Bill Cosby’s ...