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Tyrese Speaks Out From His Hospital Bed!!!

Tyrese Speaks Out From His Hospital Bed. Entertainer Tyrese Gibson is promoting his new film Black and Blue in the movies. Unfortunately, due to his grueling promotional tour the actor/singer is currently in the hospital. Tyrese sent a chilling message ...

Actor John Witherspoon aka Pops Dead At 77!!!

Actor John Witherspoon aka Pops Dead At 77. John did some of his best work with Ice Cube. Also, John worked with Eddie Murphy, The Wayons and Kevin Hart. John will be best known for his work in the Friday’s ...

T.I. Put Tupac Over Jay Z As The GOAT!!!

T.I. Put Tupac Over Jay Z As The GOAT. In a recent interview T.I. mentioned to Charlamagne Tha God his top 50 rapper. And, T.I. gave Jay Z the #2 spot. Not the #1 spot. Meanwhile, there has been an ...

Feddy Wap Sued For Trashing House!!!

Feddy Wap sued for trashing a vacation rental home in Los Angeles. Accused by the landlords as being so bad, they had to repaint it just because of the smell of smoke alone. Feddy Wap Vacation Rental Ends Up Damages ...

Blueface Concert Ends In Massive Brawl!!!

Blueface concert ends in a massive brawl, ending the concert. By the time cops arrived, the fight was already over. Blueface Is No Stranger To Fights Breaking Out At His Concerts After a massive fight broke out at a Blueface ...

Offset Denounces Gun Violence!!!

Offset Denounces Gun Violence. Has Offset from the rap group “The Migos” had a change of heart about promoting violence in his music. Has Offset turned over a new leaf, so to speak. How will this change affect his fans? ...

Is Kanye West’s New Album Gospel Or Not?

Is Kanye West’s New Album Gospel Or Not? The highly anticipated release of Kanye’s music “Jesus is King” has arrived. From the very beginning of his career Kanye has included parts of his spirituality. But is Kanye’s conversion to Christianity ...

Big Momma House 3 Star Regrets Wearing Dress!!!

Big Momma 3 star regrets wearing a dress. The actor Brandon T Jackson who played along side famous actor/comedian Martin Lawrence talks about Hollywood. Brandon admits his career took a turn for the worse after his appearance in the film. ...

Kanye Finally Releases ‘Jesus Is King’!!!

Kanye finally released Jesus is King today. Highly anticipated, but much delayed, that’s the word according to TMZ. Did it really drop this time? Kanye Releases Track List For ‘Jesus Is King’ After several missed deadlines, it’s finally here. Rapper ...

Top 5 Rappers Under 21!!!

Top 5 Rappers Under 21. Many thought rap was just a fad. However, rap is still going strong. And,these young rappers would seem to think differently. And, these young rappers got next up. In fact, rapping may not be the ...