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Xzibit Launches Marijuana Dispensary & Podcast

Xzibit Launches Marijuana Dispensary & Podcast

Xzibit Launches Marijuana Dispensary & Podcast. Renowned rapper and TV host Xzibit has entered the cannabis industry with the launch of his marijuana dispensary. Adding to his diverse portfolio of businesses, Xzibit’s entry into the world of cannabis signals a new chapter in his career. Alongside this venture, Xzibit has also created a podcast to combat the stigma of the cannabis industry. Expanding his business ventures into podcasting, demonstrating his versatility and innovative approach to entrepreneurship.

Xzibit Enters Cannabis Industry with New Dispensary

Xzibit Launches Marijuana Dispensary & Podcast.

Xzibit’s foray into the cannabis industry comes at a time when the market is booming. With the increasing number of states legalizing the use of marijuana, he intends to make a mark.

Now that marijuana has become very popular for medical and recreational purposes, it’s time. The rapper’s new dispensary aims to cater to this growing demand while offering a unique experience for customers.

As stated by AfroTech, his cannabis dispensary is in the heart of Bel Air, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in California.

As Xzibit would have it, it was the perfect location. He talked about the reasons he chose Bel Air,

“The West Coast is more than just a term that describes where we live, it stands for the culture of everything that represents us,” Xzibit stated, per Benzinga. “From entertainment to our beloved sports teams, our car culture, our neighborhoods, and beaches, we are proud citizens of this community, and XWCC is a celebration of all of the above.”

Therefore, Xzibit West Coast Cannabis (XWCC) represents all of the above. We all know the impact Xzibit had on hip-hop in his long career. Coupled with his business acumen, Xzibit is poised to change the cannabis industry.

With his background in entertainment and business, Xzibit is well-positioned to bring a fresh perspective to the cannabis market.


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By entering the cannabis market, Xzibit is not only diversifying his business interests but also tapping into a lucrative and rapidly expanding sector.

Innovative Approach: Xzibit Combines Dispensary With Podcasting

One of the most innovative aspects of Xzibit’s business ventures is combining his marijuana dispensary with his podcasting platform.

By integrating these two ventures, Xzibit creates a unique and immersive experience for his customers and listeners.

According to Yahoo, Xzibit has watched the music industry expand to make billions. That can also happen with cannabis.

Through his podcast, Xzibit can engage with his audience and share insights about the cannabis industry.

At the same time, he promoted his dispensary, creating a seamless and cohesive brand experience.

This innovative approach showcases Xzibit’s creativity and vision and highlights his ability to think outside the box.

He is creating synergy between different aspects of his business. Now that Xzibit continues to expand his presence in cannabis and podcasting, he will make a lasting impact.

Xzibit remains a dynamic and forward-thinking entrepreneur, poised for further success.

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