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Rapper Saweetie Exposes Quavo’s Embarrassing DM

Rapper Saweetie Exposes Quavo’s Embarrassing DM

Rapper Saweetie Exposes Quavo’s Embarrassing DM. Recently, the internet was abuzz with drama as Saweetie, the talented rapper and social media sensation, revealed shockingly about her ex-boyfriend Quavo. The couple’s breakup had already been the talk of the town, but Saweetie’s latest expose on social media took their drama to a whole new level. When Saweetie got wind of Quavo and Chris Brown mentioning her in their diss tracks, she responded with her comments.

Sweetie Claps Back At Quavo’s Diss Track On Chris Brown

Rapper Saweetie Exposes Quavo’s Embarrassing DM.

Saweetie did not hold back when she shared screenshots of an embarrassing DM from Huncho. We have been watching Breezy and Huncho’s beef. Now, Saweetie has entered the mix.

It was possible Saweetie would have stayed out of the beef. But both Breezy and Huncho have rapped about her. According to XXL Mag, after Hunchos spit these bars, “I can take a model b***h and make a Saweetie, n***a.”

This was supposed to be a shot at both Breezy and Saweetie, as Vibe stated. And it did not sit well with Saweetie. She responded with this,

As you can see, Saweetie brought her a game. While Chris has not responded to Saweetie dissing Huncho, he might now. Huncho and Saweetie were once a couple back in 2018.

However, their romance soured in 2021, allegedly after an altercation. Saweetie and Huncho allegedly fought inside an elevator.

After their split, Huncho allegedly repossessed the Bentley he bought her.  Her response to Huncho tells us about the nature of their current situation.

Inside Scoop On Saweetie, Chris Brown And Quavo’s Drama

Chris Brown included Saweetie in his feud with Quavo. Rumors of Breezy having an affair with Saweetie are the center of the beef. Fans and onlookers don’t know if Breezy did have an affair with Saweetie.

Nevertheless, Breezy alluded to it in his diss track against Huncho. Now, the three are allegedly entangled in an all-out war. Do you think Saweetie has set the record straight by exposing Huncho’s message?

One thing is for sure: this debacle makes for good headline news. Don’t you agree?

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