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Willow Smith Goes Topless In Cover Art For New Song’Symptom Of Life’

Willow Smith Goes Topless In Cover Art For New Song’Symptom Of Life’

Willow Smith Goes Topless In Cover Art For New Song’ Symptom Of Life.’ The daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has made headlines again with her bold choice of going topless in the cover art for her new album, “Symptom of Life.” Singer and actress Willow Smith has always been known for her unique style and fearlessness when it comes to expressing herself, and this latest move has sparked a mix of reactions from fans and the public.

Willow Smith’s Bold Choice: Topless in “Symptom of Life” Cover Art

Willow Smith Goes Topless In Cover Art For New Song’ Symptom Of Life.’

According to The New York Post, Willow Smith has teased the forthcoming single “Symptom of Life” with a tastefully topless noir cover art.

It’s not the first time Willow has posed for a photo shoot. Back in 2015, As an ambassador of Chanel, she made her debut in modeling fashion.

Then, as Wiki stated, Willow starred in her father’s film, “I Am Legend.” As time passed, Willow made her mark in the music industry by singing.

To date, Willow has three albums and numerous awards. She was also the third co-host on her mother Jada’s podcast, “Red Table Talk.”

So, we are unsurprised that Willow is promoting her new song with cover art.  At the same time, her cover art shows Willow naked from the waist up.

It also has a seductive yet tasteful message for her new single “Sympton of Life.”

Take a look at Willow’s outfit from the cover art.

In the Instagram post below, Willow is wearing a cropped white tank top and plum lips.


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In addition, Vibe said, shared a teaser from the single’s visual, with Willow reclining in a chair against a green backdrop.

Her new single, ‘Symptom of Life,’ is due on March 21, 2024. Many of Willow’s fans and onlookers are excited about her new music. Some of her fans wrote directly under her caption.

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