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NBA YoungBoy Will Return To Baton Rouge To Await Sentencing

NBA YoungBoy Will Return To Baton Rouge To Await Sentencing

NBA YoungBoy Will Return To Baton Rouge To Await Sentencing. YoungBoy Never Broke Again is set to complete a sentence in his hometown of Baton Rouge. With a large fanbase and a successful career in the music industry, this legal matter has garnered significant attention. All of this came about after his recent arrest in Utah. The judge has sent him back to Louisiana to await his trial.

Rapper NBA YoungBoy’s Upcoming Sentence in Baton Rouge

NBA YoungBoy Will Return To Baton Rouge To Await Sentencing.

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden is scheduled to complete a pre-trial sentence in Baton Rouge for a house arrest violation. News of his recent arrest was buzzing on social media.

A lengthy investigation by the FBI has allegedly been charged with identity fraud. Also, YB was charged with alleged possession of other controlled substances, as stated by TMZ.

He was on house arrest in Utah and awaiting a trial date for alleged firearm possession. Unfortunately, being on house arrest caused the rapper some discomfort.

As a result, the judge allowed YB to have mental health services. However, it has come to our attention that YB was allegedly called in a prescription drug.

WAFB 9 News reports that YB was allegedly pretending to be a doctor and ordering prescription drugs. The Cache County Sheriff’s office has reportedly charged him with 63 counts of various charges.

What To Expect As NBA YoungBoy Awaits His Fate

As NBA YoungBoy completes his trial from Baton Rouge, his future is uncertain.

With these new charges pending, YB may be facing serious jail time if convicted. Now, a bond revocation is in process. At this time, YB may still be behind bars.

This could be problematic for the young rapper, especially since the new charges could weigh heavily on his sentencing. It is possible NBA Youngboy will be held without bond.

When I think about YB’s fate, it’s hard to imagine him making so many mistakes, especially since it appeared he got another chance at freedom.

Although, house arrest is a little difficult, at least he was not in jail. After these new charges, YB could take a serious hit on his career.

It’s a crucial turning point in YB’s case. Certainly, this is not good for the Louisiana rapper.

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