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Chris Brown Criticizes Quavo As Weakest Link On Diss Track

Chris Brown Criticizes Quavo As Weakest Link On Diss Track

Chris Brown Criticizes Quavo As the Weakest Link On Diss Track. Breezy, known for his controversial statements and outspoken nature, recently made headlines again by calling out Quavo on his new diss song. The R&B singer did not hold back in voicing his opinion on the Migos member, sparking a debate among fans and industry insiders.

Chris Brown Calls Out Quavo as Weakest Link

Chris Brown Criticizes Quavo As the Weakest Link On Diss Track.

On his YouTube channel, Breezy allegedly bodied Quavo. This beef between the singer and rapper started just two weeks ago.

Apparently, there were songs by both Chris Breezy and Quavo allegedly aimed at each other.

Quavo’s song ” Tender” was at the center of the alleged diss toward Breezy. According to XXL Mag, Breezy answered back with a diss song of his own.

There is also a possibility that Breezy and Quavo are beefing over rapper Saweetie. Saweetie was once dating Quavo, and there are rumors that Breezy also dated Saweetie.

Their beef has escalated to the point that memes on social media show Quavo choking Breezy. I digress. Take a listen to Breezy’s diss below.

This gives you an idea of how Breezy went after Quavo. It appears Breezy’s bars on the ‘Weakest Link’ were in relentless pursuit of his foes.

Chris Brown’s Critique Of Quavo

Breezy’s critique of Quavo raises questions about the origin of their ongoing beef. As I mentioned earlier, it is possible they are beefing over Saweetie, as Bossip stated.

While Breezy may see Quavo as the weakest link, others may see him as talented as his Takeoff and Offset.  At any rate, this feud is not dying down any time soon.

Did Breezy hit below the belt by suggesting fans wanted Quavo gone instead of Takeoff. In other words, Breezy allegedly suggests Quavo should have been the one who died instead of Takeoff.

Those are some harsh words, for a diss song. And, I can’t see Quavo letting Breezy get away with this diss against him. So, stay tuned. It’s getting real out in these streets.

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