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Steelers Select Joey Porter Jr.24 Years After Porter Sr.

Steelers Select Joey Porter Jr.24 Years After Porter Sr.

Steelers Select Joey Porter Jr.24 Years After Porter Sr. The NFL draft took place this week. Some of the best college football players were selected.

Pittsburgh Steelers Keep It In The Family With Joey Porter Jr.

Steelers Select Joey Porter Jr.24 Years After Porter Sr.It was 24 years ago the Steelers selected Porter’s father.

Super Bowl legend Joey Porter Sr. played from 1999-2006.

Porter Sr. was instrumental in taking the Steelers to Super Bowl in 2006.

Also, Porter Sr. became a defensive coach for the team (2015-18).

As a linebacker, Porter Sr. played in Pro Bowl games.

Porter Sr. was a Colorado State graduate. He was drafted in the 1999 NFL draft, as stated by ABC27.

In his 13 seasons in the NFL, Porter Sr. recorded 689 total tackles with 98 sacks, 25 forced fumbles, and ten fumble recoveries.

Quite impressive. More importantly, after leaving the NFL, he for his alma mater.

Joey Porter Jr. Picks Up The Mantle From His Father

During this year’s NFL draft, Porter Sr.’s son Joey was the first pick on the second day.

USA Today reports Porter Jr. was taken as the No. 32 pick.

The cornerback is considered “an ascending cornerback.”

That means he has CB1 potential with more work if appropriately utilized, according to Lance Zierlien, the draft analyst.

At Penn State, Porter Jr. was a full-time starter. He earned All-Big Ten honors.

As a senior with a career-high 11 pass breakups and he played in 86 games.

The Steelers have faith in Porter Jr.’s ability.

ESPN reports,” Despite receiving multiple offers for the pick – the first of the second round—the Steelers opted to draft the Penn State CB rather than down out of the spot for more capital.”

And Porter Jr. said,

“It’s like a stroll in the park.” I kind of already knew everything about this facility. I’m just giddy going there because I know it’s timed to work. It’s time; it’s business.

You guessed it; Porter Sr is one proud father.

Especially since Porter Jr. gets to follow in his footsteps.

Not many college players can play for their parent’s alma mater.

In this case, Porter Jr. has the advantage of familiarity with the Steelers.

Not to mention, he spent many of his young years on the Steeler’s field.

However, can Porter Jr. live up to the Steeler’s expectations?

Or will he be traded before he has a chance to prove himself?

Nevertheless, Porter Jr. is headed to Steeler Nation.

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