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Steph Curry Takes The NBA To Another Level

Steph Curry Takes The NBA To Another Level

Steph Curry Takes The NBA To Another Level. Curry is still the hottest commodity in the NBA. Last night, he proved he is one NBA’s finest.

Curry Scores 50 Point In Game 7 Victory

Steph Curry Takes The NBA To Another Level. In the 7th game against Sacramento, Curry scored big.

In fact, it was a career-high for Curry. Golden State was up against the Sacramento Kings.

Throughout the game, Curry scored 50 points. As a result, Curry outscored Kevin Durant’s 48 points.

Durant scored a 48-point game against Milwaukee Bucks in 2021, as stated by NBA.

By half-time, Curry had scored 20 points. Then in the second half of the game, Curry scored 30 points.

With most of the 30 points in the 4th quarter(16).

Also, Curry scored seven 3-pointers, passing Ray Allen’s score.

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Curry clinched the win for Golden State Warriors.

It was almost a one-man Curry show.

Of course, we know Curry was not on the court by himself.

The other players did their part. But Curry had a phenomenal night.

He also caused Golden State to move on to the NBA semifinals.

To top it off, Curry scored the highest in any NBA history in Game 7.

CBS reports Golden State now advances to play the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday.

This will be a great showdown between Lakers star Lebron James and Curry.

You guessed it, Curry has taken the NBA to another level.

Better yet, he has put Golden State in the running for a shot at the NBA finals.

You don’t want to miss the NBA semifinals.

Can Curry take Golden State to another NBA championship?

According to Britannica, Curry has led Golden State to the championship in 2014-15, 2016-17, 2017-18, and 2021-22.

Now, that is epic for an NBA team and a star player.

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