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Zaytoven Drum Kit

Zaytoven Drum Kit

Zaytoven Drum Kit. Well-known Atlanta producer Zaytoven officially has a drum kit. Now, aspiring producers can create a sound similar to his.

From The Bay To The A

Xavier “Zaytoven” Dotson grew up in the Bay Area.

Often playing the keys in church, he eventually gravitated to producing.

It was in high school that he began learning to produce music.

If he wasn’t playing basketball, he was playing the keyboard.

While playing the keyboard at a game, a local producer took notice.

From there, Dotson improved his producing skills and began selling beats.

He funded his dream of being a producer by cutting hair.

After relocating to Atlanta, he’d see his dreams become a reality.

From there, Dotson improved his producing skills and began selling beats to artists like E40.

Zaytoven Beats

Moving to Atlanta proved to be a smart move. Overtime, Zaytoven met Gucci Mane.

The two started creating classic Gucci hits like Icy.

In 2011, he won a Grammy for his work on Ushers’ Papers.

After making a name for himself, Zaytoven followed up with Migos hit Versace.

As a result, Zaytoven officially has a drum kit. Producers who utilize FL Studios can download the kit within the software.

Of course, it includes the notable Zaytoven trap sound. The sound pack includes kicks, sub-bass, and FX.

So any producer inspired by the Zaytoven sound can make beats similar to his.

What’s your favorite song produced by  Zaytoven?


Zaytoven Drum Kit

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