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The Tragic Brooklyn Subway Shooting!!!!!

The Tragic Brooklyn Subway Shooting!!!!!

The Tragic Brooklyn Subway Shooting!!!!! Such a tragic day in New York as it has been reported that a shooting has occurred.

The Tragic Brooklyn Subway Shooting: The Facts!!!!!

The Tragic Brooklyn Subway Shooting!!!!!

According to, the police were seeking a man in a worker’s vest and gas mask after emergency workers responded to a chaotic, bloody scene on a Sunset Park subway platform during the morning rush.

Eight people were shot in the subway in Brooklyn, during the Tuesday morning rush, officials said. It unfolded with riders trying to flee the gunfire on a smoky subway platform.

Police were called around 8:30am to the 36th Street station, where the D, N, and R lines pass through, police said.

The Fire Department said that at least 16 people were injured, eight of them by gunfire. The violent episode came as New York City struggles to recover from the pandemic.

John Butsikares, who is a Brooklyn Technical High School student was quoted as saying,

The day had been calm until the train stopped at 36 St Station. When the doors opened, the conductor directed the passengers that were waiting on the platform to rush inside.

I didn’t know what was happening. There was just panic.

A senior law enforcement official said that the police were seeking a man with a gas mask and an orange construction vest who had been wearing a dark blue outfit that appeared to resemble that of a transit worker.

Other Subway Crimes!!!!!

Tuesday morning’s chaos was reminiscent of a string of other episodes that have struck fear into the city in recent years.

In December of 2017, a would be bomber attempted to detonate a device in the Port Authority during rush hour.

The man, inspired by the Islamic State, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

In conclusion, all prayers and good thoughts go out the the victims and people of Brooklyn, NY. We will have more details about this tragic event as they become available.

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