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50 Cent Power Lawsuit Update

50 Cent Power Lawsuit Update

50 Cent Power Lawsuit Update. Curtis Jackson and the Power universe were taken to court over claims. Let’s get into the latest update in the case.

50 Cent $1 Billion Lawsuit in Mediation

50 Cent Power Lawsuit Update. According to reports, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson reached the mediation stage in his Power case. You might recall, former drug kingpin Corey “Ghost” Holland Sr. filed a lawsuit against him in 2021.

According to Holland, Power creator Courtney Kemp used his life story to premise the Starz series. Namely, the character James “Ghost” St. Patrick.

Currently, they’re scheduled to appear at a mediation conference in May. For context, Mr. Holland alleges that Courtney and Fifty used his likeness as inspiration for the show.

Allegedly, the relationship between the real Ghost and Kemps’ father dates back to the nineties. Seemingly, they were connected up until 2007 when Holland sent Kemps’ father a copy of his life’s story.

Supposedly, this dialogue meant to be shared with the youth turned into something else. Holland believes it mostly became inspiration for the series.

As a result, he claims at least 200 scenes were based on his personal experiences. According to him, now his life’s in danger. Also, he claims Jackson came to his house and bullied him. Thus, Holland filed a motion to legally protect his family and himself if violence ensues.

Legal documents state:

“[Holland] wants to address this matter now and hopefully have it ceased before someone loses their life,” the legal documents read. “[Holland] wants to keep this fight in the court, but is not afraid in [any] kind of way of other kind of confrontation with anyone.”

They continue:

“When you looking for a confrontation your honor, this is what people say, nowadays. Up to this point, plaintiff had ignored a lot of ‘subliminal attacks’ on him online, but now 50 Cent is bringing the drama right to plaintiff front yard.”

Hopefully, everyone involved amicably settles their differences. Of course, experiences can look similar.

However, some things are purely coincidental. Either way, we’ll see how this plays out.

Stay tuned for updates!

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