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Cam’Ron Teases New Talk Show

Cam’Ron Teases New Talk Show

Cam’Ron Teases New Talk Show. Rapper Cam’Ron seems to work well in the media world. Now, he’s hinting at becoming a major talk show host.

New Talk Show From Cam’Ron

Cam’Ron Teases New Talk Show. According to HipHopDX, Camron could have a new talk show in the works.

The Harlem rapper already has a sports talk show called It Is What It Is. So, the idea isn’t too far fetched. However, there’s an interesting twist—he intends to host a show where he’s giving raw unfiltered advice.

In fact, Cam believes his show could put Dr. Phil and his counterparts out of commission. Recently, he vaguely “warned” Dr. Phil and others to stay on the lookout.

“It’s called Come And Talk To Me, where I give advice,” Cam’ron says in a clip posted to his Instagram Stories over the weekend. “I’m taking Dr. Phil and them n-ggas outta here. Dr. Phil, y’all n-ggas’ days is numbered! I’m taking everybody outta here. Dr. Phil, you might as well wrap your shit up, ’cause I’m doing everybody Black or Brown… not even Black and Brown, every race.”

Clearly, he plans to take over the game and surpass his “competitors”—while they watch from the sidelines.

He continues:

“Imma tell ’em the real advice they need to hear and stop tryna act like, ‘Well, we got my friend in the crowd, he’s a specialist. Hey, what do you think?’ Nah n-gga, stop cheatin’ on your bitch, n-gga! You be talkin’ bout, your girl crazy and all this crazy shit, but you be coming home at 5, 6, 7, 8 o’clock in the morning every morning.”

Certainly, the Oh Boy rapper knows how to entertain an audience. Additionally, his former Children Of The Corn member Ma$e will allegedly join IIWII as a permanent cohost. You might recall, the two reunited on stage earlier this year alongside Jadakiss.

Without a doubt, Cam and Ma$e settling their differences worked out for the better.

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Cam’Ron New Talk Show
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