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Yo Gotti Shares CMG Compilation Album Tracklist

Yo Gotti Shares CMG Compilation Album Tracklist

Yo Gotti Shares CMG Compilation Album Tracklist. Recently, Yo Gotti’s CMG record label made some serious business moves. This Friday, fans can expect a compilation album featuring 27 songs.

Yo Gotti CMG Label Tracklist

Yo Gotti Shares CMG Compilation Album Tracklist. Certainly, it’s been an exciting year for the Collective Music Group. Their roster continues to grow. And with additions to the team like Glorilla, they’re expected to do big things.

Thus, Gotti revealed his artists were working on a compilation album titled Gangsta Art.

So far, the song credits aren’t available. However, we do know it includes original and previously released songs alike.

For example, See Wat I’m Sayin, by Moneybagg Yo, and Rocky Road feat. Kodak Black.

Without a doubt, Gotti and his CMG artists are defying the odds of what it’s like to be from Memphis.

The Future Of CMG

As previously mentioned, Collective Music Group was dubbed the hardest working label in hip hop.

Additionally, Yo Gotti had this to say:

“On the real, I think it’s about time. Everybody keeps asking for it, like, you know, ‘When we gon’ do a tour? When we gon’ do a project together? I think it’s about time, man. All the songs we’ve been recording together. All the late nights. We got crazy, crazy, like, crazy songs, so I think we should just gon’ drop the whole CMG project on these people, man.”

Lastly, Gangsta Art drops this Friday. Here’s the official track list for this highly anticipated compilation.

  1. Gangsta Art
  2. Steppers
  3. Paparazzi
  4. Rocky Road
  5. G Code
  6. See Wat I’m Sayin
  7. 1st Of Jan
  8. Pole
  9. Pledge
  10. Hood Rich
  11. Tomorrow
  12. Buss Down
  13. KeKe
  14. Ok
  15. Major Pain
  16. Strong
  17. Brick Or Sum
  18. Dog House
  19. hold Me Down
  20. Top Dolla
  21. Moral Of Da Story
  22. Wait In Line
  23. Really
  24. Down Fall
  25. Meant Dat
  26. Soon
  27. Big League

Yo Gotti CMG Compilation

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