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Chris Brown’s Official Hip Hop Mt. Rushmore

Chris Brown’s Official Hip Hop Mt. Rushmore

Chris Brown’s Official Hip Hop Mt. Rushmore. The Mt. Rushmore of Hip Hop always brings an interesting conversation. So who makes Chris Brown’s list?

Chris Brown Mt. Rushmore Is Lit

Chris Brown’s Official Hip Hop Mt. Rushmore. Without a doubt, the best rapper of all time is a subjective matter.

Of course, most music artists have their own particular choices of who should make this list. And ten times out of ten, at least one of them is Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie, or Nas.

Well, that’s pretty much what Chris Browns Mt. Rushmore looks like. Not only did his favorite artist of all time Michael Jackson inspire him.

The Look At Me Now singer let it be known he’s a true hip-hop fan. During an interview with LA Leakers, Brown shared his top four list.

”Jay-Z, Nas, Big L and 2Pac.”

Chris Brown Appreciates Real Talent

Breezy definitely surprised some folks when he mentioned the late Harlem rapper Big L. Of course, he was a big deal in NYC. But Big L never really got the chance to go mainstream due to being gunned down.

Thus, causing some folks to gasp at the answer. However, after thinking more about it, he quickly moved some rappers around on the list.

”Skrrt, put Biggie in the spot of Nas. I love Nas, damn, it’s fucking up. Damn, hold up I’m sorry. Rakim in there too, I’m sorry. That’s all mine. Everybody I said, those are in my Mt. Rushmore. I made my own Mt. Rushmore.”

As you know, CB released his tenth studio album earlier this month. Unfortunately, he feels like the support he had on his previous projects just wasn’t there.

Ultimately, Breezy chucked it up to the masses only being interested when his name is attached to something negative.

As a result, he claims to be back in his gangsta sh*t. At any rate, his Mt. Rushmore includes some heavy hitters. Even if it exceeds four rappers.

Chris Brown Mt. Rushmore

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