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T.I. Blast DJ Akademiks

T.I. Blast DJ Akademiks

T.I. Blast DJ Akademiks. First Uncle L schooled DJ Akademiks. Now, T.I. addresses his negative comments.

Is DJ Akademiks Dodging T.I.’s Phone Calls?

T.I. Blast DJ Akademiks. It was DJ Akademik’s comments that veteran rappers have issues with. Also, DJ Akademiks made some negative comments about Reginae Carter.

Reginae is the oldest child of rapper Lil Wayne. And, DJ Akademiks gets blasted from T.I. Once T.I. got wind of what he said, things went south. First, T.I. allegedly requested a meeting with the DJ.

In fact, these were his exact words”man to man” we can meet. Secondly, T.I. mentioned he has tried to call him repeatedly. But to no avail.

Thirdly, DJ Akademiks has not complied, as reported by Jasmine Brand.

Nevertheless, T.I.  took to social media to address him. Of course, it was after DJ Akademiks said this,

“She loved the hood n*gga, he had thug life tatted across his chest. I think even Wayne had thug life tatted across his chest….she loved that n*gga man. You know theses b*tches, let me not call her a b*tch, you know these chicks be like they love a hood n*gga – of course they love a hood n*gga, til that n*gga facing 25 to life.”

Before T.I. addressed him, Toya Carter (Reginae’s mom) put this message on social media,

@akademiks I can’t stand men that do bitch shit. Keep my daughter name out your mouth. Clout chasing is at an all time high. Let her life her 23 yr old life. Worry about you and yours. Thanks.”

Shortly after, Toya removed the post. But T.I. was adamant about talking with DJ Akademiks. It’s no secret, T.I. considers Reginae to be his niece. She grew up with his children.

Not to mention, his wife Tiny and close friends. So, T.I. felt it necessary to speak with him. We will see if that conversation will take place.

DJ Akademiks Addresses His Comments On “The Breakfast Club”

On another note, it appears DJ Akademiks spoke about his dilemma. Wow! His comments calling veteran rappers “Dusty” keeps getting worst. He allegedly tried to explain to Charlamagne.


I am not sure veteran rappers will buy his explanation. Especially since his choice of words was very harsh. Be that as it may, it appears he attempted to do so. Here is the actual interview on The Breakfast Club.

Do you think DJ Akademiks can recover from the backlash? Or did he make things worst?

t.i. vs dj akademiks

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