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Kanye Comes for Chris Jenner’s Boyfriend Corey Gamble

Kanye Comes for Chris Jenner’s Boyfriend Corey Gamble

Kanye West reshared an article claiming that Corey Gamble cheated on Kris Jenner while out at a club, fueling the fire.

“We outsiiiiide DONDA 2 2 22 22 😵😵😵😬😬😬🐐,” the rapper wrote Friday, February 18 on Instagram. This was written alongside a screenshot of Hollywood Unlocked’s story about the alleged scandal. The article has since been removed. The allegations have yet to be addressed by Gamble, but a source exclusively told Us Weekly on Friday that “this is a false narrative about Corey.”

Kanye Deletes the Post

As he continues to deal with the drama surrounding his divorce from Kim Kardashian, West quickly deleted the social media post on Friday. After nearly seven years of marriage, the couple separated in February 2021. However, their divorce has not yet been finalized. In recent months, the Grammy winner has taken aim at Skims founder Kim Kardashian, 41, for her parenting style and objected to her court request to be declared legally single.

A Video Surfaces With Seemingly Damning Evidence

The Yeezy designer’s Instagram post came just two days after a video surfaced showing a woman making out with a man who appeared to be Gamble. In the dark video, the face of the man is not clearly visible, so his identity remains unknown. Fans claim to have spied OnlyFans model Yamile in the clip. On Wednesday, February 16, the woman posted the party scene on her Instagram Story, instead of uploading it to OnlyFans as originally planned, and multiple fans later reposted it.

Is Corey Gamble Cheating on Chris Jenner?

Gamble, 66, and a group of her friends were spotted celebrating Valentine’s Day just two days earlier. Corey Gamble is alleged to have cheated on Kris Jenner while out at a club, according to an article shared by Kanye West.

Corey Gamble: Guilty or Innocent?

“Kris and Corey are doing great, and Corey is really in love and obsessed with Kris,” a source said back in 2019. “He always tries to make her happy and be supportive of her.”

Seven months later, the mother of the Kardashian-Jenner clan raved about her sex life with Corey Gamble saying, “I don’t know what’s happening, but I think there’s really something wrong with me because I’m always ‘in the mood,’” she explained. “I don’t think it’s normal.”

Corey Gamble and Chris Jenner: A Whirlwind Romance

Chris Jenner described Corey Gamble as a “walking, talking Luther Vandross song,” She claimed this makes it hard to control herself when in his presence, “He is so sexy always and all I wanna do is, like, ‘Cue the music,’” she added.

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