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Did Latto Throw Shade At Ice Spice On Instagram?

Did Latto Throw Shade At Ice Spice On Instagram?

Did Latto Throw Shade At Ice Spice On Instagram? Rising rap star Latto recently performed at an Atlanta Birthday Bash concert over the weekend. The event was filled with music, dancing, and celebrity guests, making it a memorable night. However, Latto allegedly threw shade at fellow rapper Ice Spice. This caught the attention of onlookers and fans.

Latto Celebrates Birthday with Lavish Bash

Did Latto Throw Shade At Ice Spice On Instagram?

Just before Latto took the stage, she posted a message on IG. According to XXL Mag, Latto showed off a special cake commemorating her accomplishment.

She was the first female rapper to headline Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash. In the clip below, Latto captions a photo that looks suspicious.

In other words, it appears Latto is sending shade at Ice Spice. Especially since there is a poop emoji with a few choice words by the rapper, as stated by The Shaderoom.


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As a result, the internet is in a frenzy about a rekindled beef brewing. Is Latto gunning for Ice Spice, or is this just a coincidence?

In February, rumors swirled when Latto’s “Sunday Service” track came out. Sunday Service was allegedly a diss track against Ice Spice.

Fans and critics scrambled to dissect the lyrics and hidden meanings in the song, which allegedly began the feud between Latto and Ice Spice.

In the first verse of the song, Lattos rapped, “Think I’m the s**t b***h, I know it, h* (Hot) Jesus walked on water, I got ice boilin’ though (Hey-hey).”

That was when all sorts of speculation surfaced. Many people thought Latto was talking directly to Ice Spice.

From then on, tension between the two artists began to bubble over. While she did not directly name Ice Spice in her song, almost everyone else thought she was.

So, the drama between the two female rappers continues. At this point, we don’t know if things will get better.

The alleged shade thrown at Ice Spice may cause her to respond with a diss track of her own. Meanwhile, fans and critics will continue to assume Latto dissed Ice Spice.

As the controversy unfolds, fans eagerly await to see how this feud will play out in the coming days.

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