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Singer Lizzo’s New Reality Show “Watch Out For The Big Girls”

Singer Lizzo’s New Reality Show “Watch Out For The Big Girls”

Singer Lizzo’s new reality show is called “Watch Out for the Big Girls.” Lizzo was looking for new dancers for her tour. And, she wanted plus-size dancers. So, she started a campaign to find them on her own.

Lizzo Makes History With This New Show On Prime

We do not often get to see plus-size women in such a setting. Most often we hear about plus-size women being body shamed. Also, there is a misconception about plus-size or voluptuous women dancing with such vigor.

It is really refreshing to see “Big Girls”, represented in a positive light. However, some would beg to differ with me. Of course, it is a matter of opinion. With that being said, you can’t deny that Lizzo is extremely talented.

When Lizzo plays that flute, I must admit it is very impressive. Not only can she sing, but she is an awesome musician. Unfortunately, some people don’t like to see her twerking.

Nevertheless, Lizzo has got the moves down to a science, so to speak. Watch out for the Big Girls will showcase the most talented plus-size people from across the country.

Included in the show are a very diverse group of dancers, as reported Glamour. They will all be competing for the coveted spot as one of Lizzo’s dancers.

Lizzo’s Watch Out For The Big Grrrls – Official Trailer | Prime Video


Listen, if I was a few years younger, I might have tried out myself. Anyway, this is a great idea, in my opinion. Especially, since we rarely get to see behind the scenes.

To put it another way, “Watch out for the Big Girls.” Let me share this, you must be very confident to dance in front of thousands of people.

Equally important, to be ostracized for being larger than the alleged average person is difficult. Not to mention, society has set an unrealistic beauty standard for women. In particular, for women of color.

While the focus seems to be primarily on colorism, racism, and body shaming, we should learn to celebrate our diversity. At least, be respectful of our differences. Congratulations, Lizzo. We celebrate you, beautiful sister.

Did I forget to mention, Watch out for the Big Girls, was a hit song? Lastly, keep in mind, this reality show is a competition.


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