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Rap Lyrics Bill Signed In California

Rap Lyrics Bill Signed In California

Rap Lyrics Bill Signed In California. California is officially the first state to abolish the use of song lyrics in court. What does this mean for much of the hip-hop community?

California Governor Signs Rap Lyrics Bill

Rap Lyrics Bill Signed In California. According to reports, the state of California will no longer be able to use lyrics to determine the fate of rap artists in court.

As previously reported, much of the rap communities lyrics can be rather incriminating.

People like Atlanta’s Fulton County District Attorney were adamant about utilizing such lyrics to help put rappers away.

For example, Gunna and Young Thug remain in custody awaiting trial on RICO accusations. Simultaneously, the YSL rappers continue to fight for freedom and maintain their innocence.

Too bad their case isn’t taking place in California. Recently, California Governor Gavin Newsome signed AB 2799 into action. Under this bill, song lyrics cannot be used as evidence in the courtroom.

Unanimously, the bill was approved by California’s State Senate in August. Without a doubt, familiar faces in hip-hop fully support The Decriminalizing Artistic Expression Act.

Killer Mike has long been an advocate for the hip-hop community. Likewise, he was joined by fellow artists like E-40 and Too $hort to sit in on the virtual signing of the bill.

Lyric Ban Continued

Harvey Mason Jr., Recording Academy CEO stated:

“Today we celebrate an important victory for music creators in the state of California. Silencing any genre or form of artistic expression is a violation against all music people. The history that’s been made in California today will help pave the way forward in the fight to protect creative freedom nationwide.”

Surprisingly, no other states have passed such a bill. New York made an attempt, to no avail as the Assembly refused approval. Ultimately, artists believe they should have the freedom to express themselves in their music. Additionally, it should be seen as an artistic expression rather than something negative.

Importantly, judges still have room to use lyrics as evidence permitted they can prove the correlation between them and the case. Also, using any lyrics cannot “inject racial bias into the proceedings.”

Do you think this new bill is a win for rappers? Will other states follow suit?

Rap Lyrics Bill Signed In California

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