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90s Hip Hop Outfits

90s Hip Hop Outfits

90s Hip Hop Outfits. We’ve come a long way from the fashion statements of the nineties. But we can’t forget how influential that era is on the culture.

A New Decade

90s Hip Hop Outfits. Pre-nineties hip hop fashion was a nice predecessor. But this unforgettable decade proves to have the greatest impact.

More than thirty years later, history is repeating itself. The nineties saw an emergence of cornrows, afros, and baggy clothes.

If they didn’t have cornrows, they likely had waves. I still remember dudes brushing their hair from sunup to sundown. Then tying it all together with a du-rag

Run DMC had already been responsible for the skyrocketing ADIDAS sales. At this point, the culture began shifting to fitted caps, sagging pants, and your favorite sports team.

Furthermore, denim on denim somehow made sense.

The West Coast was known for its laid-back appearance. Khakis with Chuck Taylors, or Nikes. Often paired with a flannel.

While the East Coast took more pride in the flashy lifestyle. Gold chains, fat rings, and named brands.

Designers like Calvin Klein, Polo, and Tommy Hilfiger were no longer a suburban look. They quickly became established as Urban streetwear.

Soon black-owned brands like FUBU, Walker Wear, and Cross Colours made long-lasting impressions in the Hip Hop fashion world.

Regarding sneakers, FILA, Nike, and Reebok became cultural favorites.  Not to mention, the beloved Jordan sneakers. Did I mention the Timberland boot?

Vibrant colors and throwback jerseys were some heavy hitters in 90s Hip Hop. Also, Chinchillas and Starter jackets had the culture in a chokehold.

Empire State of Fashion

It’s just something about those New Yorkers. They single-handedly changed the Hip Hop fashion narrative.

They were sure to do away with the costume looks of the eighties. From LL Cool J and his Kangol hat. Or his slightly raised pants leg.

To Diddy and his fly, conspicuous Versace shirts and Gators.

Brooklyn native Biggie Smalls was one of the best-dressed rappers. He popularized the Coogi sweater and Timberlands look. He even dropped this famous line:

“Heartthrob never. Black and ugly as ever, however, I stay Coogi down to the socks.”

Jay Z took throwback jerseys to the next level before he traded them in for tailored suits.

Misa Hilton and Dapper Dan play a vital role in the importance of the New York fashion scene.

Undoubtedly, I could go on about 90s Hip Hop fashion. The conversation evokes a nostalgic feel.

As Jim Jones said, they set the trends!


90s Hip Hop Outfits

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