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Biggie Smalls X Air Jordan 13 Are Available

Biggie Smalls X Air Jordan 13 Are Available

Biggie Smalls X Air Jordan 13 Are Available. 23 pairs of Christopher Wallace hit the market. Nike has partnered with Big’s foundation.

Nike Commurates Biggie’s Death

Biggie Smalls X Air Jordan 13 Are Available. According to Sneakernews, Nike has released their sneaker to celebrate Biggie. In fact, the sneakers were supposed to be released earlier.

However, Nike was going to release the special edition Air Jordans in 2017. It was to pay tribute to Biggie’s impact on hip-hop. Also, it would have been his 45th birthday.

But they decided to wait for hip-hop’s 50th anniversary. It was an excellent choice to change the date of the release. Especially since we are celebrating hip-hop’s golden anniversary.

This year marks 50 years of hip-hop. And, many celebrations are being held. Therefore, auctioning off the special edition Biggie sneak works. Furthermore, these Air Jordans are not cheap.

Whoever, purchases a pair will spend a lot. A representative for Nike Reggie Saunders explained,

“This Air Jordan 13 has been reinterpreted to celebrate the legacy of the NOTORIOUS B.I.G, someone who reached for the stars, had the boldest of dreams, with the work ethic to back it up.”

Saunder is the Vice President of Entertainment Marketing for Jordan Brand. At first look, the sneakers look standard. In other words, they resemble a standard pair of Air Jordans.

Clearly, the Air Jordans are not. Obviously, they have Biggie’s signature red and black flannel pattern. Not to mention, the form of the silhouette on the tongue.


Of course, Nike nailed the look. More importantly, lyrics from Biggie’s song “It Was All A Dream” are on the tongue.

At the same time. lyrics from his 1994 hits “Juicy”, and “If you don’t know, now you know were included. Now, that is a sneak I would buy. Wouldn’t you?

Needless to say, Nike understood the assignment. It was a great idea for Sotheby’s online auction to host the bidding. By the way, Biggie is one of my favorite hip-hop artists.

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