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YouTuber Kevin Samuels Passes Away!!!!!

YouTuber Kevin Samuels Passes Away!!!!!

YouTuber Kevin Samuels Passes Away!!!!! Please view the video below with disturbing information from his mother.

Who Was Kevin Samuels?????

YouTuber Kevin Samuels Passes Away!!!!!

Kevin Samuels is a media consultant that was born on March 13, 1965.

Samuels worked in various positions before he began a YouTube career.

He was married twice before, but they ended in divorce.

He was worth $2.5 Million at the time of his death.

Kevin Samuels Death: The Facts

YouTuber Kevin Samuels Passes Away!!!!!

According to, they have reported that YouTube sensation and self-proclaimed relationship guru Kevin Samuels has passed away.

Firstly, he was known for dating advice and YouTube videos where he operated under the self-proclaimed title of an “image consultant”.

Some of his most popular videos include “How Much Do You Cost to Submit?”, and “Modern Women Are Average At Best”.

Just last week, he sparked outrage on social media after he said,

Unmarried women who are 35 years old and over are considered, “leftover women”.

If you live to 35 and you’re not married, you’re a leftover, men know you may have a problem.

Whether you want to hear it or not, I’ll go with you. I’m telling you the truth you don’t want to hear.

Secondly, although Samuels himself was married and divorced twice, he never shied away from speaking his mind when it came to relationship topics.

When Samuels made the controversial “35 and unmarried statement”, a young woman shot back and said,

I don’t believe Kevin Samuels is dead, for the record. But me not feeling bad if he doesn’t mean I’m celebrating it. He went out of this way to be cruel. We are not required to mourn virtues he didn’t show. And asking black women, of all people, to show tact is audacious.

In conclusion, whether we like his controversial statements or not, it’s very tragic that he died so suddenly.

All prayers go out to his family and friends.

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