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Nicki Minaj Goes Live With Kevin Samuels

Nicki Minaj Goes Live With Kevin Samuels

Nicki Minaj enrages fans by appearing live with Kevin Samuels. Kevin Samuels is a member of Youtube’s “The Black Manosphere.” It is a subdivision of the manosphere, a white male-dominated space.

The Black Manosphere is a space that is home to groups such as SYSBM, an acronym for “Save Yourself Black Man.” These are men who promote interracial relationships as superior to copulating with monoracially black women. See also the black version of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).

Kevin Samuels: The Leading Voice Of The Black Manosphere on Youtube

It is also home to men of “The Red Pill” ironically enough, the term “red pill” comes from the matrix written by a black woman, Sophia Stewart. These are men who feel they have truly understood “female nature” whose only recourse as incels (involuntary celibates) is to “pump and dump” women because marriage and family are only exploitative of men’s resources according to them.


Nicki Minaj: The Writer of Anthems That Empower Women

Needless to say, a woman who writes empowering anthems cherished by women all over the globe, is going to receive pushback from associating with any one of these men. Kevin Samuels went viral with several clips telling black women they are “average at best” and also saying there is no hope for love and marriage in their life due to their height, weight, and dress sizes. He is notorious for telling his audience that black women’s education is no real achievement but rather the securing of a black male in marriage.

Kevin Samuels: Denigrates African American Women With Comparisons To Non-Black Women’s Higher Rate of Marriage

Kevin Samuels has brought several non-black women on to his show to tell black women what is wrong with them and why they are not married. He has been quoted as saying the biggest threat to black women is “maria” because not only do they (Latinas) have much to “bring to the table” but they bring the table itself and then build it.

Mocking the Lives and Deaths of Black Women as A Form of Social Media Success

Kevin Samuels approves of very few women, among them the British Youtuber only known by the name Jessica X who went on record calling Breonna Taylor a “trap queen” shortly after her traumatic death. Nicki Minaj’s fanbase felt betrayed by her. Bringing her celebrity to the show of a man who makes his living denigrating black women hardly seems like an act of sisterhood.

Nicki Minaj: Trolling?

However, in watching the entire live stream, one can see that Nicki Minaj was tongue and cheek for most of the exchange. She trolled him. She reeled him in by asking him to rate and validate her in order to step on his every speaking point and encourage women to build lives based upon how they rank themselves.

Kevin Samuels – Black Women Are Naturally Less Attractive Than Other Races of Women

The self-proclaimed dating and marriage guru squirmed as Nicki Minaj belied his position on black women. In a viral clip, Kevin Samuels discusses the golden ratio of beauty and says that black women are on the opposite end of symmetry and all things pertaining to beauty in direct opposition to white women. Some say it is tough love, others say it is downright hatred from a man who wants Black women to use their agency to promote “men loving men” in romantic and sexual relationships.

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