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Tyrese Speaks Out From His Hospital Bed!!!

Tyrese Speaks Out From His Hospital Bed!!!

Tyrese Speaks Out From His Hospital Bed. Entertainer Tyrese Gibson is promoting his new film Black and Blue in the movies. Unfortunately, due to his grueling promotional tour the actor/singer is currently in the hospital.

Tyrese sent a chilling message to Hollywood

The movie Black & Blue came out in the movie theaters last week. And, while many are saying the movie was really great. Others think that it is a movie that has been seen over and over again. The stars of the movie have been promoting the film throughout the US. However, Tyrese has said that the movie is being banned in some theaters. For this reason, Tyrese spoke from his hospital bed saying how unfair it is that slave movies are being promoted by Hollywood but Black & Blue is not, as reported by Hot 97.

We all know that Tyrese has been in the media in recent years for his battle with his ex-wife over custody issues with their daughter, Shayla. And, Tyrese has made some very controversial statements about his co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Dwayne starred in the “Fast And Furious Movies” along side of Tyrese. It was a little disheartening for me to see the two super stars go at each other via social media. Especially, since I really like them both on screen. Not to mention, Tyrese is one of my favorite R&B singers of all time.

Nevertheless, Tyrese must be really upset to make the statements against Hollywood from his hospital bed. Let me share some of what Tyrese spoke about:

“When you swipe and pay for Black and Blue it swaps for ANOTHER movie that they’re showing…???? I hate to be one of those that speak to racism so I will let YOU tell me what you think is going on…???? And FYI because of you on a Thursday night!! We were #1 in the early box office!!!!!”

Also, Tyrese went on to speak about how slave movies are celebrated more than movies like “Panther.” The movie “Black & Blue” shows the tension between police and blacks, as reported by Essence. In addition, Tyrese is speaking out against the exploitation of stereotypical black slave roles. And for this reason, I tend to agree with his stand. Very important to note, it is possible that Tyrese is speaking out from his hospital bed for publicity reasons. And, that would be very unfortunate.

Of course,I have not seen the movie yet but it is getting good reviews so far. It is not often that we see on the big screen a movie that highlights the injustice against Blacks as it relates to police brutality. So, if Tyrese is sincere about changing the narrative with his new film, I am all for it. It is time that we take a closer look at what is happening between the police and our community. Somehow we must change this dynamic of police killing young blacks.

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Check out the video above for more details

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