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R. Kelly Denies Releasing Music

R. Kelly Denies Releasing Music

R. Kelly Denies Releasing Music. Yesterday, social media went up in arms when a new R. Kelly album showed up on streaming platforms. Now, he claims it wasn’t him.

R. Kelly Denied New Music

R. Kelly Denies Releasing Music. According to TMZ, Robert ‘R’ Kelly is now claiming he never released the short lived album.

Shortly after the release, streaming services like Apple and Spotify removed the 13 track album. Interestingly, it was titled I Admit It.  As you know, Kelly is currently serving a thirty year sentence following a lengthy battle to prove his innocence.

Additionally, Sony denies any involvement in the release. The Grammy-winning triple threat is currently working towards an appeal in an effort to lessen his sentence.

Thus, he insinuates that this “fake” album is a ploy to throw a wrench in the appeal. Kelly clarified he wouldn’t release new music during a legal battle.

Importantly, with such a controversial incriminating title.

R. Kelly had this to say:

“Apparently somebody done faked an album called I Admit It, and put it out there as if it was me putting it out,” R. Kelly said in the prison recording. “And I’m not putting out any albums, I haven’t put out any albums, I’m not even interested in putting out any albums, ’cause my only focus is the appeal and everything else. But it seems like somebody want this album out to mess with the appeal because why would I put an album out called I Admit It? Okay, so that right there make no damn sense.”

Certainly, it makes no sense. It would be like he doesn’t take the litigation seriously. He continued:

“I wish they’d find out who did this and who’s putting it out there, ’cause they also, on top of that, they’re probably making money off of it.” R. Kelly continued. “And it’s just messed up that it happens to come at the time when I’m working on my appeal that an album comes out that’s supposed to be from me called I Admit It. It’s just really just fucked up.”

Well, the Federal Bureau of Prisons swiftly confirmed R. Kelly doesn’t have access to any studio equipment. The real question is, does the voice on those thirteen tracks sound like R. Kelly?

If not, who would want to sell him out? Is it just a publicity stunt? Stay tuned as this is a developing story.

R. Kelly Denies Releasing Music

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