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Nappy Roots Drops New Music

Nappy Roots Drops New Music

Nappy Roots Drops New Music. Kentucky bred group Nappy Roots just released new music. The single comes about a month after their member Fish Scales was assaulted.

Nappy Roots New Music

Nappy Roots Drops New Music. According to HipHopDX, Nappy Roots officially dropped their new single Random Thoughts. It’s to commemorate Roots Day, which is September 16th.

Of course, the Juan Rubio production was recorded in Atlanta at Castle Hill studios. And will be the lead single for their forthcoming ninth studio album. Fans can expect the album early 2023.

Well, Random Thoughts gives introspect into the lives of the group. Additionally, it addresses current socio-political issues through the lenses of each Nappy Roots member.

Fish Scales had this to say about the new project:

“This single is Nappy Roots being Nappy Roots — men expressing their deepest thoughts on laid back instrumentals. We’re happy to be doing music exactly how we want without confirming and are proud of the full album that is dropping soon.”

As previously mentioned, the single comes one month after someone robbed, kidnapped and shot Scales.

As you might know, he was leaving the Nappy Roots owned brewery Atlantucky back in August. Subsequently, an assailant forced him into the back of a car before driving towards the Atlanta Airport.

Fortunately, he survived the attack. Interestingly, during the abduction the driver went towards his home in an attempt to get money out of him. As a result, it’s assumed to be an inside job.

So far, no arrests have been made and police don’t have any leads. Stay on the look out for the new project in 2023!

Nappy Roots New Music

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