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Usher’s 25th Anniversary YouTube Documentary!!!!!

Usher’s 25th Anniversary YouTube Documentary!!!!!

Usher’s 25th Anniversary YouTube Documentary!!!!!  R&B superstar Usher will have a documentary on YouTube for the 25th anniversary of his hit album, “My Way”

Usher And The 25th Anniversary Of My Way

According to, Usher is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his iconic CD, “My Way” with a bang. The fan-crowned King of R&B is set to release an expanded edition of the CD on September 16.

Firstly, the CD will have reimagined versions of three songs and a mini-documentary. The three tracks chosen will be his hits “My Way”, “Nice & Slow, and “You Make Me Wanna”.

Fans will also get the behind the scenes making of the classic tracks and never before seen footage of Usher from the “My Way” era.

Secondly, in addition to the standard edition of the anniversary album, he will also release a deluxe addition on vinyl to be released in 2023.

Thirdly, the new packaging will include new album artwork, paying homage to the 1997 artwork, plus a lyric and photo booklet.

Since the release of the album on September 16, 1997, the Cd has went to 7 times platinum, with “You Make Me Wanna” and “Nice & Slow” going 3 times platinum.

In conclusion, Usher is a veteran, icon, father, son, and should hold the crown of the “King of R&B.

Check Out The Video Below Of Usher’s “My Way”!!!!!

Chart Rewind: 'My Way' Became Usher's Third Hot 100 Top 20 Hit This Week in  1998 - That Grape Juice

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