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Lil’s Wayne’s Security Guard: Is He Clout Chasing or Seeking Justice?

Lil’s Wayne’s Security Guard: Is He Clout Chasing or Seeking Justice?

According to reports, Lil Wayne’s security guard is rethinking whether to press charges against the rapper for allegedly assaulting him with a gun.

TMZ reports that Weezy’s guard is now considering legal action against the Cash Money Millionaire after originally deciding against it.

Though it’s unclear what charges may be filed, considering the guard alleged Wayne struck him with his gun in the head and face, it could be an assault charge, if not more severe.

Security Guard v. Lil Wayne

The rapper’s security guard appears to have had a change of heart, now intending to pursue charges for allegedly pulling a gun on him after previously deciding against it.

In early December, there was an altercation at Lil Wayne’s home in Hidden Hills, California. The Security Guard says Weezy attacked them after claiming he took photos and leaked them to the media.

During the scuffle, Wayne is alleged to have struck the guard with his assault rifle. By the time the police arrived, the 39-year-old rapper had fled the property.

Lil Wayne Denies The Incident

Lil Wayne denies the incident and claims he owns no firearm. According to law enforcement sources, the guard did not have any injuries or marks on his body, casting doubt on the allegations.

Now, his former guard wants his former boss prosecuted, according to sources. He said the opposite when the incident took place — that he didn’t want Wayne prosecuted, even though he was the one who called the cops.

Weak Case or No Case?

It doesn’t appear like a strong case on the surface and probably won’t succeed. Wayne hasn’t even been contacted by police… so it’s unlikely he’ll be charged.

Wayne and the guard got into an argument at the rapper’s Hidden Hills home after he was accused of taking/leaking photos. According to the guard, Wayne brandished an AR-15 during the argument. It is rumored that the authorities took issue with the guard’s rendition of events from the beginning.

Lil Wayne Set to Have a Big Year Professionally

Lil Wayne is still gearing up for a potentially big year ahead, with another of his classic mixtapes set for release on streaming services.

In November, Mack Maine revealed that an unspecified Weezy mixtape would hit Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and other streaming platforms in January, with plans to eventually release his entire mixtape catalog, which includes the fan-favorite Dedication and Da Drought series.

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