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Bobby Shmurda Blasts The Music Industry

Bobby Shmurda Blasts The Music Industry

Bobby Shmurda blasts The Music Industry. Shmurda talks about his theories. As it relates to rappers record deals.

Is Shmurda Leaving The Rap Game?

Bobby Shmurda Blasts The Music Industry.  He claims he is thinking about giving up rapping, as reported by Hip Hop DX.

Especially since, it appears young rappers are being given raw deals. In other words, Shmurda sees his peers going down in flames.

He spoke about the how record labels allegedly exploit rappers. In fact, he mentioned the music industry is “nasty.”

Here is some of what he said,

“I don’t want to be named as a rapper no more, bro,” Bobby said.

“It’s like when you do that rapper shit, n-ggas like try to come for that light. It’s just nasty like these labels is nasty. Look at what they just did to Tory. That shit is nasty, my n-gga.

“Then the whole rap community that’s fucking supporting these n-ggas, y’all n-ggas is disgusting my n-gga, cause these the same people that come from saying that they live our lifestyle, they came from our lifestyle. These muthafuckers is out here playing dress up right now.”

After sharing this, he went on to allegedly call some rappers “informants.” Of course, those are serious allegations.

Does Shmurda know something we don’t? Is it possible it’s all smoke and mirrors? During the Instagram live, Shmurda called out RocNation.

Clearly, Shmurda is unhappy about Tory’s conviction. We can see that Shmurda is fed up.

Having said this, will other rappers co-sign Shmurda’s allegations. Are record labels as corrupt as he claims?

Perhaps, Shmurda is leaving hip-hop. Not long ago, Shmurda wanted out of his record deal. Eventually, he was able to go independent.

I can’t help but wonder what happened. It appears Shmurda felt his record label was unfair.

Nevertheless, Shmurda is giving young artist something to think about. On the other hand, do up and coming artist have many choices.

That is, what record label they sign with. Most of the young rappers have limited choices. We shared with you about the 360 Slave Deal.

A lot of young rappers have fallen prey to the 360 Slave Deal. Could this be what Shmurda is referring to?

Needless to say, young rappers must be aware of signing loaded contracts. If Shmurda leaves hip-hop, what’s next?

bobby shmurda spills

Check out the video above for more details.

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