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Cardi B Drops New ‘Like What (Freestyle)’ Track

Cardi B Drops New ‘Like What (Freestyle)’ Track

Cardi B Drops New ‘Like What (Freestyle)’ Track. The Grammy-winning rapper and social media sensation has just dropped a new track titled ‘Like What (Freestyle).’ Known for her bold and unapologetic lyrics, Cardi B has once again captivated her fans with her latest release. The new track showcases her unique flow and witty wordplay, leaving listeners eager for more.

Cardi B’s Latest Release: ‘Like What (Freestyle)’

Cardi B Drops New ‘Like What (Freestyle)’ Track.

In ‘Like What (Freestyle),’ Cardi B delivers her signature confident and empowering verses over a bass-heavy beat. The track features catchy hooks and clever rhymes that highlight her versatility as an artist.

Fans of Cardi B will appreciate her raw and unfiltered lyrics. As she effortlessly delivers her signature rap freestyle throughout the song. Those who love Cardi are glad she finally released her freestyle.

Especially since she has been doing a lot of collaborations, she even collaborated with rapper Megan Thee Stallion on “Bongos.” Megan and Cardi wildly succeeded with their song “Wap” (2020).

So, following up with another collab with Megan made perfect sense. Then, Cardi collaborated on songs with her husband Offset, such as “Jealousy” and “Freaky.” 

Furthermore, Cardi rapped with GloRilla on “Tomorrow 2”, as stated by Billboard. It was time for her to return to the spotlight with this new joint.

As Cardi B continues to solidify her position, her fans get to rock out with new music. The track showcases her artistic growth and ability to deliver chart-topping hits consistently.

Cardi B’s Newest Track Samples Rapper Missy Elliott’s Beat

This new song promised to bring Cardi much more success. The Grammy award winner has borrowed legendary rapper Missy Elliott’s iconic beat.

Missy’s original song “She’s A B*tch” kind of says it all about Cardi staking her claim, as stated by UpRoxx.

As soon as you hear ‘Like What,’ Cardi makes a statement. Even when you hear her lyrics, you understand Cardi is not playing.

The consensus among fans is that ‘Like What (Freestyle)’ is another banger from Cardi B that will undoubtedly dominate the charts.

Cardi B’s fans have been eagerly anticipating new music from the rapper, and ‘Like What (Freestyle)’ did not disappoint.

With its infectious beat and clever wordplay, the track has already garnered a positive response from fans and critics alike.

As Cardi B continues to push the boundaries of hip-hop and rap, her latest release serves as a reminder of her undeniable talent and star power.

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