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1999 Shooting Victim In NY Club Accuses Diddy Of Shooting Her

1999 Shooting Victim In NY Club Accuses Diddy Of Shooting Her

1999 Shooting Victim In NY Club Accuses Diddy Of Shooting Her. In a shocking turn of events, a victim of a 1999 shooting incident continues to claim it was music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs who held the gun she was shot with. The shooting, which took place at Club New York in Manhattan, left three people injured and sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry at the time. With these new allegations surfacing over two decades later, the case has been reignited and brought back into the spotlight.

Allegations Surface: 1999 Shooting Victim points The Finger At Diddy

1999 Shooting Victim In NY Club Accuses Diddy Of Shooting Her.

The victim, Natania Reuben, is making her rounds on social media, claiming that Diddy was the one who pulled the trigger. According to Natania, Lil Rod allegedly mentioned in his lawsuit that Diddy admits to the 1999 shooting.

However, Diddy has never spent one day in prison. ABC News reported on February 6, 2001, Reuben testified in court she saw Jamal’ Shyne’ Barrow pull out a gun. Also, Nantania Reuben claims Diddy pulled out a pistol.

In her testimony, she claims,

“I heard ‘bam, bam’ and saw the bright flash from the muzzle of both guns,” she said, demonstrating the scene to the jury by raising both her arms.

When pressed by Combs’ lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, about whether she was shot by Combs’ gun, she replied, “I saw two guns out. I actually saw the gun in the air. But I don’t know whose gun I was shot by.

“It was very surreal at that point, like Scooby-Doo,” she said, referring to the children’s cartoon.

“I was numb. People started running and knocked me over,” she said through tears. “I put my hand to my face and there was blood. … I was sick to my stomach. … It was crazy.”

This is a different story than she is allegedly telling now. It is important to remember that after the incident, Diddy and his then girlfriend-singer, Jennifer Lopez, were pulled over by police.

At the time, police allegedly found a loaded gun inside the vehicle. Having said this, it was Shyne who was reportedly found guilty in Natania’s shooting.

Shyne spent at least a decade behind bars, as stated by The Washington Post. That was just a little recap. We are now hearing Natania say it was Diddy all along.

There is a lot of opposition against Natania. She admits some on social media are dragging her. Can we believe Natania’s account of the events? After all, it was Natania who was shot in the face that night.

According to XXL Mag. witnesses at the club say both Diddy and Shyne fired guns. So, it is possible Diddy shot Natania.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

diddy accused of shooting

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