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50 Cent Claims Hacker Made Millions With Crypto Scheme On His Website

50 Cent Claims Hacker Made Millions With Crypto Scheme On His Website

50 Cent Claims Hacker Made Millions With Crypto Scheme On His Website. Renowned rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent has found himself embroiled in controversy once again, facing accusations of involvement in a $300 million cryptocurrency scheme. However, the artist has vehemently denied any connection to the alleged scam, asserting his innocence and distancing himself from the scandal.

50 Cent’s Denial of Allegations

50 Cent Claims Hacker Made Millions With Crypto Scheme On His Website.

Curtis’ 50 Cent’ Jackson’s social media accounts were hacked. BET reported that a hacker got away with selling Cryptocurrency via the 50 Cents website and Twitter accounts.

The shocking thing is that the alleged hacker made over $3 million in 30 minutes. This elaborate scammer scheme was a ‘pump-and-dump’ scheme, as Yahoo stated.

On Friday, June 21, 2024, a post believed to have been written by the rapper allegedly promoted it. A cryptocurrency token dubbed ‘$GUNIT appeared on his Twitter.

50 cent scammer image

Users began to purchase the cryptocurrency coin, which caused the price to skyrocket. As we mentioned, within 3 hours, the coin had risen exponentially.

In response to the accusations against him, 50m Cent took to social media to address the issue. He told his followers on Instagram that the accounts on his website ‘’ were compromised.

The rapper categorically denied involvement in the purported $30 million crypto scheme. Unfortunately, 50 Cent was unaware that this fraudulent activity was occurring.

Despite the mounting pressure and scrutiny, 50 Cent remained steadfast in his denial, asserting that he had no part in the illicit scheme.

Refutes Involvement in $300M Scheme

The New York rapper released a statement,

“My Twitter & Thisis was hacked,” the 48-year-old wrote in an Instagram post on Saturday (June 22). “I have no association with this Crypto. Twitter worked quickly to lock my account back down. Who ever did this made $3,000,000 in 30 minutes.”

According to The Source, although 50 Cent’s accounts were hacked, it was for $3 million, not $300 million. This incident highlights the vulnerability of social media platforms.

In addition, security breaches can happen even to prominent figures. 50 Cent continues to claim his innocence in the elaborate crypto scheme.

When the illicit scheme was uncovered, some had made up to $100K. That is quite a lot to make in such a short time. At this point, we don’t know whether anyone will be charged.

Especially since hackers are notorious for covering up their schemes. So, 50 Cent may have to shut down his accounts and create new ones.

Hopefully, that will prevent this from happening again.

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