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Lizzo Praises Queen Latifah

Lizzo Praises Queen Latifah

Lizzo Praises Queen Latifah. Lizzo rose to fame in 2019 while putting on for her respective demographic. Now, she’s showing major love to Queen Latifah for inspiring her.

Lizzo Gives Queen Latifah Her Flowers

Lizzo Praises Queen Latifah. Melissa ‘Lizzo’ Jefferson got her breakthrough in music circa 2019.

With hit singles like Truth Hurts, she’s racked up millions of streams on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Importantly, Truth Hurts catapulted her to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. She’s the first black solo female artist to do so since Rihanna with her single Diamonds in 2012.

Well, there’s one major influence Lizzo gives credit for giving her the confidence to chase her dreams.

As you might know, she grew up in the nineties when music, and entertainment in general, was dominated by male artists.

And most of the female artists were recognized more so for their looks than their talent.

However, Brooklyns’ finest Queen Latifah wasn’t going to follow the rest. She broke down barriers as a female artist with an iron-clad appearance and uplifting lyrics.

Additionally, Latifah went on to win a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance for her single Go Head in 1995. Not to mention, she gave us one of the most important female empowerment songs U.N.I.T.Y from her Black Reign project.

Lizzo On Representation

Indeed, Queen Latifah is the true definition of representation matters.

Lizzo told Nardwuar:

“Queen Latifah is like the first person that I saw in media that looked like me — I mean literally to the point people where people were like, ‘You look like Queen Latifah,’ when I was a kid.”

She continued:

“It was very important to see someone like her be a mogul, rapper, singer, actress, TV host, clothing line, all of it. Look how beautiful she is.”

Of course, the accolades are well warranted. Latifah went on to star in countless film and TV roles like Living Single. And she continues to blossom.

As far as Lizzo, she’s set to release her documentary Love, Lizzo later this month. With all of her recent accomplishments, I’m sure Lizzo is “feeling good as hell.”

Lizzo Queen Latifah

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