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Dame Dash Concerned For Ye

Dame Dash Concerned For Ye

Dame Dash Concerned For Ye. Recently, Roc-A-Fella co-founder Dame Dash spoke out about Ye. He calls his behavior painful to watch.

Dame Dash Concerned For Ye

Dame Dash Concerned For Ye. As you might know, Kanye West has been under a lot of fire for his recent outbursts.

The Chicago rapper made antisemitic comments via Drink Champs. Also, he wore a WLM shirt during Paris fashion week, which caused an obvious uproar.

As a result, he’s lost countless partnerships—as well as his billionaire status. Adidas, Vogue, and Def Jam are just a few brands whose business relationships he’s lost.

Recently, his friend Dame expressed his concern during his time as a special guest at the Young Entrepreneurz Solutions’ YES National Business Plan Challenge in St. Croix.

Ultimately, he believes people should be more concerned about West’ health than what he posts or says.

Also, he explained that being under contract with Ye is draining. However, Dash clarified that his duties as a big brother are ongoing and he’ll continue to support him.

“Yeah, I’m in contact with him; it’s draining. But, you know, he’s bipolar. People forget that. I don’t care how rich you are, if you have a chemical imbalance, you’re gonna say some crazy things.”

Additionally, Dash explains how Ye and the media just don’t mix since he’s chemically imbalanced.

“Anybody know someone bipolar? You don’t put them in front of a camera, you put them in a house or a hospital … you say the most outlandish things when you’re triggered and there’s a chemical imbalance, and also when you’re tired. It’s like being drunk. But, you know, I know him. And yeah, I do talk to him and I try. It’s painful to watch because someone with bipolar with a billion and a whole bunch of people that don’t care, it’s not a good formula.”

Certainly, points were made. Luckily, Dame vows to remain in his corner through it all. Hopefully, Ye can get to a better place mentally for the sake of his children.

Dame Dash Concerned For Ye

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