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XXXtentacion Murder Suspect Takes A Plea

XXXtentacion Murder Suspect Takes A Plea

XXXtentacion Murder Suspect Takes A Plea. There were four men charged with the rapper’s death. Robert Allen accepted a plea agreement.

XXXTentacion Was Gunned Down in 2018

XXXtentacion Murder Suspect Takes  A Plea. The young rapper was killed in the prime of his life. His popularity on social media (Sound Cloud) was his claim to fame.

And, before they allegedly killed him, he signed a $10 million dollar contract. His contract with Empire Independent music never materialized. Jahseh Onfroy aka XXXtentacion’ss life was cut short.

It would have been his third album release. Music mogul Dame Dash once compared XXXtentacion to Tupac and Biggie. However, we will never know if Dame’s prediction will come true.

Nevertheless, one of the suspects in his case turned in state evidence. Allen is hoping to have his life sentence reduced. There is a probability it could happen.

Especially since Allen’s attorney claims he was not the actual shooter. In fact, Allen waiting in a car when the incident occurred. In other words, he was there but did not participate as reported by XXL Mag.

Furthermore, Attorney Jim Lewis believes a second-degree murder charge would suffice. Here is what Lewis shared,

“Mr. Allen’s role was much less than the other three involved,” Lewis continued. “It was always kind of contemplated that the State was looking to use him as a witness in the case. And finally we came to an agreement and plead to the agreement today … Again, his involvement was much less than the others. More of an accusatory after the fact than really part of the planning. Certainly never got out of the car, never had a gun, never shot anybody. And hopefully the judge and the State will take this into consideration.”

Having said this, it is likely Allen will have a lesser sentence imposed. The other suspects Michael Boatwright, Dedrick Williams, and Trayvon Newsome are facing murder. No matter how this all plays out.

A human’s life was taken. It is hard to believe that the suspects all are pleading not guilty.  Needless to say, XXXtentacion was sitting in his car when he was shot repeatedly.

At the time of his death, his popularity was soaring. Be that as it may, a great talent was lost. Not to mention, his family is left to mourn.

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