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UC Berkeley Announces Nicki Minaj Course

UC Berkeley Announces Nicki Minaj Course

UC Berkeley Announces Nicki Minaj Course. One thing Nicki Minaj does is inspire those who come after her. Now, the University of California in Berkeley will offer a class in her name.

Nicki Minaj Course

UC Berkeley Announces Nicki Minaj Course. According to the college, they’re centering an upcoming course around the Grammy-winning rapper.

The announcement came via Twitter:

“@NICKIMINAJ the University of California Berkeley is offering a lecture about you next semester called “Nicki Minaj: Hip-Hop and Feminism.”

Apparently, the semester-long class highlights her impact in the context of broader historical-social structures & Hip-Hop feminisms. Students can enroll starting next semester.

To no surprise, the professor confirmed the course name. Nicki Minaj: The Black Barbie Femmecee & Hip Hop Feminisms. To which the Vanguard award winner said she’d love to show up.

Here’s more from the instructor:

“This class is interested in thinking critically about u and ur productions w/in the context of broader historical-social structures & hip hop feminisms. [So] having yo personal insights would be AMAZING! [I’m] finalizing things this fall & would love to talk more details w/ u via DM?”

So far, it’s not clear how long UC Berkeley will offer the course. Or if it’ll last past the current school year. Without a doubt, students are overjoyed to sign up!

Additionally, UC is known to implement hip-hop and subject matter surrounding the most influential artists. For example, Jay-Z, Nas, and Outkast have all been the topic of education at one point.

Well, the school’s academic guide confirmed the lectures take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays in 90-minute increments.

Certainly, the Queens native deserves all the accolades.

UC Berkeley Nicki Minaj Course

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