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Meek Mill to be Released Soon?!?

Meek Mill to be Released Soon?!?

Meek Mill. Released From an Unjust Detainment?

This is just in family. We want to take the opportunity to let y’all know that likelihood of Meek Mill being released from prison just went up about 95 percent. According to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Wednesday they’re saying they’re not against letting rapper Meek Mill out of prison on bail as he appeals his conviction.

The District Attorney further stated as saying a motion filed that, “… in the event that conviction is reversed, the risk of an unjust or disproportionate sentence has been served exist. The risk increases as long as Meek Mill remains in custody.”

The Defense Speaks.

 We are very pleased with DA’s filing and we look forward to the immediate release by the court on bail in light of this development.- Joe Tacopina

This news comes from District Attorney Larry Krasner’s office, comes shortly after Meek Mill’s mother made an emotional plea at a rally held for Meek Mill in Philadelphia begging for his release. Meek’s mother stated,

Thank you carefully evaluating my son’s case…and and not opposing his request for bail. – Kathy Williams (Meek Mill’s mother)

Meek Mill is 30 years old now, and we all know that Meek was was sentenced unjustly and a lot of rappers,  including Jay-Z and a  laundry list of rappers and entertainers have all come out and have been  continuing to fight for his release. Rick Ross, “The Boss”, several media outlets, his lawyer, and many more also have been pushing hard for his release from prison.

Now, at this point, the brother will be released and back to making music and back to the money making, and back most importantly to his family. You’ve heard it here at Hip Hop News Uncensored, you’ve heard it here first. Meek Mill should be getting released any day, or any hour now Meek Mill will be walking out of that facility. The brother will be a free man!  Stay tuned here for information regarding his release.

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