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Is Lloyd Banks Retiring?

Is Lloyd Banks Retiring?

G-Unit underboss Lloyd Banks has always been a lethal lyricist for close to three two decades in the Hip Hop game but now, Lloyd Banks sends “Mace-like” shockwaves through Twitter when he left this message saying:


I fell in love with hip-hop 25 years ago it was the thing that I turned doing good and bad times I just want to say thank you to the artists that came before me and inspired me and sent my appreciation to everyone that supported me on this day and I just want to say thank you…

Banks is retiring?

It’s only the prelude the next tweet that he would put out is what really sent his fans in a frenzy, that was the following:

With that being said..I think it’s time to lay it down ????

I think it may be time for Lloyd to lay it down, but it was hard to figure what Banks is implying. Is the brother talking about the leaving the booth, or is he insinuating something else? If you look at some of the responses from his loyal fan base that he’s built up you know over a long time they think that Lloyd Banks might be laying it down for good now what do you thi

At Hip Hop News Uncensored we think that Lloyd Banks is probably done. Some heads out there  think Lloyd Banks is one of the top lyricists in the game. We know that he definitely has a large body of work that he’s put together with G-Unit.

Now, there’s a new generation of so-called rappers that don’t really care about the rappers that paved the way for them. This leaves us with the question of, “is Lloyd Banks hanging it up or is this publicity stunt?” Or is it because he’s about to drop some new hot music and he’s trying to get everybody talking about him, trying to build up some additional buzz.

It’s really hard to say in the world where the “skrrt and skroom skroom” lyrics of the new rap game, but only time will tell.

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