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Kanye West Compares Himself to Emmett Till

Kanye West Compares Himself to Emmett Till

Kanye West Compares Himself to Emmett Till. As if he couldn’t get any worse, Kanye is at it again. This time, he’s oddly comparing himself to Emmett Till.

Kanye West Comparing To Emmett Till

Kanye West Compares Himself to Emmett Till. One thing Ye knows how to do is get the people talking. Just last week, his antisemitic comments cost him millions in revenue.

As well as, a variety of personal and business relationships. Undoubtedly, the Grammy-winning artist couldn’t care less.

Recently, he took to Instagram to lash out in yet another sporadic rant. However, he’s insulting the late Emmett Till this time.

For some reason, West fully believes his current situations are comparable to the slain teenager. Although, he’s still able to go on and make egregious comments like these.

Well, Ye posted the grueling photo of the corpse of a young Till from his very public home going. Additionally, he claimed his current disintegration is merely a modern-day lynching.

Here’s the post aimed at Ari Emanuel:

“Ari Emmanuel Can you find a place for the Donda Academy kids to go to school that’s properly zoned for a school? I got about 60 children that have no place to be as they look to transfer. They tried to dismantle our basketball team. Those boys are being penalized without reason. Even professional athletes were threatened by their owners to disassociate.”

Of course, Ye goes on to say the cancellation he received is:

“Post social media black mirror warfare.”

Also, he alleges the Donda kids are suffering. While he suffers economic and digital lynching.

Lastly, he drives his point home with another powerful message:

”And now eeeeveryone knows how much power you ‘Business’ people actually have.”

Who knows how much more Instagram will allow? Honestly, who knows what he’s truly talking about?

The Meta platform is known for banning West from posting—so a profile deletion doesn’t sound far-fetched.

Without a doubt, he’ll eventually apologize for the Emmett Till comparison. But will he ever get enough? Stay tuned for updates.

Kanye West Compares Emmett Till

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