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Jay-Z Rallying Behind Inmate Valon Vailes For His Release!!!

Jay-Z Rallying Behind Inmate Valon Vailes For His Release!!!

Shawn”Jay -Z” Carter is trending on social media. And, it is not because of new music. Instead, Carter is rallying behind an inmate. Carter is allegedly calling out the feds concerning this case.

Can Jay -Z Get Valon Vailes Released Or Not?

Jay’s team Roc is giving their full support to see Valon Vailes released from prison. By now, we should be familiar with Carter’s quest to see people who have been unfairly treated by the justice system free. The criminal reform justice organization started by Jay-Z and Meek Mill helps inmates gain freedom. Also, Robert Kraft (NFL owner of New England Patriots, Michael Rubin(minority owner of  NBA 76er’s), Van Jones (Political Commentator), and Laura Arnold(Philanthropist) all work with the organization.

With that being said, this team of people has sent over 40,000 surgical masks to the prison system. They have worked tirelessly to bring justice reform to mostly African Americans who have proportionately been treated unfairly within the justice system. So, it makes perfect sense that Carter would rally support for Vaile’s freedom.

There are about 2.2 million people in the U.S. who are incarcerated, and about 4.5 million are on probation or parole, according to government statistics. That is a very alarming number. Therefore, this powerful merger between prominent rappers and sports can change the justice system for the better. For Blacks and people of color, there appears to be a revolving door, as it relates to probation and parole. This was one of the reasons Mill co-founded the project.

Just a few years back, Mill was in a similar situation as Vailes. Of course, Mill was not in prison for selling drugs but he was met with the same fate. Although in this particular case, we do not hear Mill’s name mentioned, however, Carter and Mill have the same mission in mind for inmates.

Back Story: Vailes Situation

Vailes case  was bought to Carter’s and Roc’s attention when he received a letter from the inmate. Vailes has been imprisoned since 2007 for conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute more than a ton of marijuana So far, Vailes has served around 14 years on a 20-year sentence, as reported by Yahoo Sports. Vailes was in prison on a marijuana conviction, as reported by Revolt. In August of 2021, Alex Spiro, Carter’s attorney filed a motion on the behalf of Vailes. Then In September 2021, Carter’s team asked for a “compassionate release” for Vailes.

However, attorney Spiro has been met with a challenge. Allegedly, Vailes is not being released because of allegedly, smuggling chicken into his cell. Even though, Spiro stated that Vailes does not pose a risk to society. And, Vailes has been a model inmate. The judge refuses to release Vailes.
In addition, Spiro states, Vailes is the solely available caretaker of his mentally ill brother. Unfortunately, Vailes’ mother died in 2020 and his brother is left without support.

Having said this, it looks like Carter’s team has an uphill battle against the Feds. In a statement released by Spiro, he shared this,

“It is unjust to allow Mr. Vailes to remain in prison when, if sentenced under the current law, and with his good behavior credits, he wold have already been released”

This appears to be such a tragedy. Especially, since Vailes has proven to be reformed. Isn’t that what prison was designed to do? We will keep you all posted on the outcome.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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