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Erick Sermon Talks Addiction

Erick Sermon Talks Addiction

Erick Sermon Talks Addiction. The EPMD rapper opened up about his addiction battle. He’s crediting the professional help he received along the way.

Erick Sermon Battled With Addiction

Erick Sermon Talks Addiction. Recently, New York rapper Erick Sermon disclosed some personal details about his life.

He spent a portion of 2022 in rehab overcoming opioid addiction. Frankly, Sermon experienced some crazy times over the years.

For example, he suffered injuries in 2001 when he fell three stories from an apartment complex.

According to police, the EPMD rapper was attempting to commit suicide. Of course, he denies such claims.

Either way, he suffered minor injuries and was okay. Also, in 2011 he had a heart attack—luckily he recovered from that also.

E Dub rose to fame in the nineties as one half of the Long Island hip-hop group EPMD. Eventually, they parted ways and Erick embarked on a solo career.

His biggest hit-to-date Music sampled Marvin Gaye—and landed at number 2 on the R&B charts in 2000.

Fast forward to now, he’s speaking out on being 7 months sober. He took to Instagram with a post showing gratitude:

“2023 WOW. so blessed to have lived this long,” Erick Sermon wrote. “Life isn’t guaranteed so don’t take it for granted. I’m fresh out of rehab . 7 months clean from opioids..During this time my moms was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer liver kidney and chest. Changed my entire life around.”

So far, there’s no clarity on how much time he spent in rehab. He continued:

“My family is being attacked from every angle but the devils a liar. I’m believe that my GOD has us.. time to move forward in a loving manner. Without love it doesn’t work. Believe me Through all of this I love life I just wanna find a different way to function in it. Blessings ppl.”

Naturally, friends and supporters like Kevin Liles and DJ Scratch flooded the comments with an outpouring of love.

Additionally, Sermon confirmed he’s working with 300 Entertainment run by Liles to release his upcoming project.

“Oh yeah. My new project on the 300 label coming SOON,” the post read. “Don’t ever think I’m gonna stop. DYNAMIC DUO S. u never heard anything like this before.”

We love to see him overcoming adversity and continuing to create music.

Erick Sermon Talks Addiction
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