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Jay-Z Takes Bacardi Dispute Overseas

Jay-Z Takes Bacardi Dispute Overseas

Jay-Z Takes Bacardi Dispute Overseas. Shawn Carters’ legal battle with Bacardi seems ongoing. Now, he’s taking a different approach.

Jay-Z Bacardi Dispute Moves Overseas

Jay-Z Takes Bacardi Dispute Overseas. According to VIBE, Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter is taking a new approach to his Bacardi battle.

As previously mentioned, the hip-hop mogul recently attempted to buy Bacardi out of their 50/50 partnership.

Allegedly, he offered a hefty $1.5 billion—to no avail. Importantly, his offer comes in at more than the $460 million that D’Usse is valued at.

Well, Carter’s shaking things up and moving his multi-billion dollar lawsuit to Bacardis’ headquarters in the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda.

Carter accuses the liquor brand of stonewalling, and intentionally mismanaging D’Usse while attempting to acquire his share at a discount.

Team Carter Speaks Out

Here’s some insight into the court documents:

“SC is now preparing to bring litigation against Bacardi in Bermuda, where Bacardi is incorporated and headquartered (the ‘Bermuda Action’), for procuring a breach of D’Usse’s Operating Agreement under Bermudian law.”

Who knows what the Bermudian law entails, but Jay and his legal team seem to have full confidence in their legal structure.

The statement continues:

“In aid of that contemplated case, SC seeks this Court’s assistance to obtain relevant evidence from certain investors in Bacardi and/or its affiliates that are found within this Court’s jurisdiction. SC therefore respectfully requests that this Court approve the application and permit service of the proposed subpoenas seeking documents to aid its anticipated Bermuda Action.”

So far, the famous booze corporation hasn’t responded. However, they declare that they’ve submitted over 800 pages of financial statements regarding the case.

And any other documents are confidential as they include privy information separate from their D’Usse partnership.

Stay tuned for updates!

Jay-Z Takes Bacardi Dispute Overseas

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