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Did Wallo & Gillie Ink $100 M Deal?

Did Wallo & Gillie Ink $100 M Deal?

Did Wallo & Gillie Ink $100 M Deal? This is great news for the Podcasters. Their Podcast is popular for great discussions. They cover everything from music, relationships, and careers in hip-hop.

Million Dollaz Worth Of Game Podcast Wins Big

Did Wallo & Gillie Ink $100 M Deal? Gillie Da Kid and Wallo joined and launched their Podcast in 2-19. Little did they know they would be so successful. However, Nasir “Gillie Da Kid” Fard was once a rapper.

Fard and his cousin Wallace”Wallo267″ Peeples decided to partner. As a result, the Million Dollaz Worth of GamePodcast was created.

Since, 2019 they have interviewed celebrities such as Ice Cube, Shaquille O’Neal, Meek Mill, and Kevin Durant. In addition, they offer advice to their listeners, as reported by Hollywood Reporter.

Here is some of what  Gillie shared,

“We came along and we do it so effortlessly that we make anybody feel like they can do a podcast,” Gillie Da King tells The Hollywood Reporter. “People are shooting their shot. We show people from all over the world, but specifically from the bottom — and we from that — [that] you can do other things out here other than play basketball, other than sell drugs, other than the typical things that you think is the only way you can win to get out of the ghetto.”

Having said this, Fard intends to keep the momentum going. It is important that they both empower black men. The idea is to show there are alternatives to living a life of crime.

In fact, Fard often talks about his 20 incarcerations. He spent a lot of his life behind prison bars. This $100 million deal is major. At this time the details of the deal are not out.



But you can best believe we will get more details. Keep in mind, this is speculation for now. It does appear they both signed some sort of contract. Furthermore, they look to me to be crying.

Obviously, something big is in the works. Otherwise, we would not see this live post on Twitter. Now, my question is, will they reveal more details? Nevertheless, some sort of congratulations is in order.

As a matter of fact, while they are embracing each other Rick Ross’s “Rich Forever” is playing. Perhaps, this is an indication they will be rich forever. What do you all think?

Did Gille and Wallo sign the deal of a lifetime? What does it all really mean? As always, we will bring you updates as they arise. For now, hold on to your hats.

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