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Angela Stanton King’s Interview Was Impressive

Angela Stanton King’s Interview Was Impressive

Angela Stanton King’s Interview Was Impressive. King is a respected voice in politics. She has earned quite a reputation. So, when she speaks we listen.

Angela Stanton King Sets The Record Straight On Kanye

Angela Stanton King’s Interview Was Impressive. She spoke very candidly about Kanye’s comments. In her interview with host O’God and SamAnt, she expressed her admiration for Ye.

Some of what she shared was very important. Kanye aka Ye has received backlash for his alleged Anti-Semitic comments. People have started to either take sides with him or opposed him.

Nevertheless, Ye has managed to stir the pot. For this reason, King has weighed in. According to Wiki, King is an author and right-wing speaker. Her voice is revered within the Republican Party.

In other words, she has shed light on this particular issue. She admits some of what Ye said was problematic. However, other points that Ye made resonated with King.

Ye has the right to voice his opinion and concerns. And, whether we agree or not, is not the issue. But here’s the thing, why do Black people get in trouble?

Didn’t Ye speak some truth? Do Black lives matter or not? Or do white lives matter more? So many people were appalled by Ye’s “White Lives Matter” t-shirt? Perhaps, Ye was trying to tell us something?

Has The Media Forgot About Freedom Of Speech For All

If so, did you get it? Did what he said to go over your head? Having said this, certainly I don’t agree with the comments about George Floyd. Certainly, Ye was very accurate about the current condition of Blacks.

Especially as it relates to freedom of speech. Furthermore, Ye hit on who is in charge of the hip-hop music industry. Whether we want to admit it or not, Jewish people control the music industry.

Not only that, Hollywood is primarily run by Jewish people. Personally, it is nothing wrong with it. Fortunately, some Jewish people have made great business choices.

Therefore, they do have ownership in a lot of venues. We should not be mad at that fact. In my opinion, much of the hip-hop culture and music does not celebrate. In fact, hip-hop denigrates women.

For the most part, drug use, and derogatory terms against women (bitch & whore) are highlighted. Not to mention, most hip-hop music promotes anything that is negative.

Our children are subjected to hearing about street life. There are never positive messages within most hip-hop music. Of course, I could go on and on. Overall, King’s interview is worth viewing.

angela n kanye

Check out the video above for more details.

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