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Cassie Ventura Allegedly Assisting FEDS In Diddy RICO Case

Cassie Ventura Allegedly Assisting FEDS In Diddy RICO Case

Cassie Ventura Allegedly Assisting FEDS In Diddy RICO Case. In a surprising turn of events, singer and actress Cassie Ventura has reportedly assisted federal authorities in a RICO investigation involving music mogul Diddy. This alleged collaboration between Ventura and the authorities has raised eyebrows. But we should not be surprised; wouldn’t we cooperate with the FEDS if asked? It is possible that the lawsuit Cassie filed against Diddy prompted the investigation. Now, Diddy’s life is being scrutinized.

Cassie Ventura Cooperating with Authorities

Cassie Ventura Allegedly Assisting FEDS In Diddy RICO Case.

TMZ and The New York Post reports claim Cassie is not the only woman allegedly cooperating with the federal probe.

There could be information Cassie can provide to the FEDS since she has been with the music mogul for years. Remember, there are times when people close to those being investigated are questioned.

Having said this, Diddy’s other close friends may have to cooperate, too. Although, the raids on Diddy’s homes were a little excessive. There was a legitimate reason for the search.

Furthermore, the FEDS usually has substantial evidence when conducting raids. Otherwise, the judge would not have issued the search warrant. At this time, we don’t know if Cassie has spoken with the FEDS.

However, sources suggest Cassie has been cooperating for weeks with the FEDS.

Diddy May Be Facing Possible Jail Time

As the investigation into Diddy’s involvement in illegal activities intensifies.

This federal probe may end Diddy’s career and freedom. As other articles pointed out, RICO charges are severe.

Another important thing is that federal sex trafficking crimes usually end with an arrest.

More importantly, Cassie was given millions by Diddy to settle her allegations of sexual abuse. Before Cassie, there were years of speculation about Diddy’s mysterious lifestyle.

Even though we have heard about some of Diddy’s artists making alleged similar claims, none of those former ‘Bad Boy’ Artists have been able to make anything stick.

His former artist, Mase, allegedly claimed that Diddy was causing his other artists pain. While Mase was quick to blast his former record label mate, there were no specifics.

In other words, we had bits and pieces of information from Mase. Others who worked with Diddy have shared their accounts of his alleged unfair practices.

Dandity Kane and ‘Day 26’, who was being groomed by Diddy on his reality show ‘Making The Band,’ had issues. So, if we follow the trail of Diddy’s life, we may uncover more stuff.

At any rate, Diddy might be going to jail.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

cassie vs diddy

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